Skip Stress Management

Stress management does not have to be boring academic activity. You do not always have to pour out big money to keep you from sinking the tubes. Did you use to drop when you were a kid? Maybe you could try it now.

How did you last think when you released? Did you feel comfortable? Did you have a smile on your face? Maybe you were laughing.

If you are in a good physical shape, you can simply put your sports shoes and go to it now. Jump for a few minutes or longer. Do you feel better? How is it for stress management?

It's a very fun way to get a good workout.

Heck, there's an entry in Guinness Book of World Records for a guy called Ashrita – he made a brain marathon by dropping. He dressed a small mountain of shoes during the training period.

If you have a bouncing bones like me, you can go past the command and just jump in your step. When you do this in this way, you always have one or two feet on the ground. You can do some dance while you go forward, back, left and right. You can swing your arms and move your body to a rhythm. This approach to stress management works for almost everyone. It is almost immediately stressful.

Go ahead. Have fun with this.

But what can you do if you have a physical shortage and can not do it above? I'm glad you asked!

You can do the basics with your imagination. Just imagine having an old-fashioned old master or walking with a bounce. You can imagine that you are silly and fun. It's amazing how fast this simple exercise will lead to stress growth and increase your feelings.

If you are bold, you can do this publicly. It's a great opportunity to overcome your need for others' consent.

Some cities have jumped over clubs as large groups come together and drop. You can have fun with a group of new friends.

We were talking about stress management. If you start to let go, just feel free to forget about stress.

Copyright 2006 by Jim Kitzmiller


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