Simple Stress Management Techniques: How to calm down and cope

When we take a tiger, an increase in adrenaline, cortisone and other stress hormones causes us to get away and survive. But when we face traffic jam, angry customer or overdue account, the same stress response will be irreversible and even harmful.

We need ways to control our stress that minimize these automated responses and allow us to think slowly and clearly about the best way to solve the problem. Fortunately, such simple stress management methods are available.

Simple Techniques to Control Your Physical Stress Response

Often, at least our consciousness is a physical reaction to stress. Our heart rate encourages, our breathing becomes fast and shallow, our blood pressure will rise and our muscles become. Our bloodstream is flooded with a mixture of materials to help us survive a physically dangerous meeting intact. Nothing helps by fearing a call or late essay.

To calm yourself down and return to calmness, you will simply be aware of your breathing, take control of it, deepen it and slow it down.

Parts of the brain that control breathing function usually by themselves. By taking conscious control, we regain our control of our physical responses and change our mental and physical condition.

Simple Techniques to Control Your Emotional Stress Response

Emotional response to stress can be the most difficult. Often our stress is also human (dealing with other people) and becoming emotional upset can make the situation worse.

Physical status reaction is anger or irritability, anxiety or fear and depression or helplessness.

Build simple flow management technology for physical response, slow down and deepen breathing when you become aware of how your feelings are found in your body. When you notice your body, name your feelings and acknowledge it. Remember, in this situation, it is more useful to get more diversified resources for you and that a balanced body and mind will help you implement this. When you do, your emotional response starts to diminish.

Simple Techniques to Control Your Spiritual Stress Response

Physical stress reactions stem from emotions and feelings caused by thoughts. Once you calm down your body and feel down, take a moment to notice the thoughts that led to it. Keep a record and discover which thoughts usually send you in stress response. These are what are called "automatic thoughts" because they turn up, probably have been placed in the head of your childhood with someone who is well-meaning or otherwise.

When you have a good idea of ​​what your automatic thoughts are, you can start changing them.

Write logical, adult, unfamiliar anti-thoughts for each of your automatic thinking.

Sit aside for a few minutes and calm down with slow, easy breathing, thinking in a pleasant, relaxing place.

In a calm and thoughtful state, first say auto-thinking to testify to someone and follow the new thinking. Repeat this several times and allow the conviction to leak out of the auto-thinking and flow into the thinking.

Repeat this exercise until automatic thinking is in touch.

These simple stress management techniques can help to change your thoughts, feelings, and physical responses toward tranquil fitness that is your best condition for treating your life.


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