Shortly after stress – useful advice for mothers

Always felt too lazy, too tired to wake up in the morning? You refused to think about what kind of day or how much stress you must have ahead of you. You have a head just by thinking about it. How do you avoid stress? How do you feel stressed?

The above are indications that we have too much load. We must find ways to reduce stress before it becomes too late. Excessive stress can lead to something more serious. When the alarm rings every morning, do not practice snooze it for another 5 minutes. It automatically sends signals to the brain that it is okay to be lazy.

Wake up when the alarm is ringing. Do not apologize for being sleepy or tired. Wake up with a smile and tell yourself – What a wonderful day today is going. One simple statement can affect the day. Wake up a bit early to do some exercise. You will feel less soothing when you sweat some sweat.

Plan your day ahead. Determine what is important and what is urgent. A few issues can be left unchanged sooner than later. Be optimistic when problems arise. You can find a better or faster solution if you think with a clear mind. Clear mind and happy mood will definitely help to reduce stress.

Spend your free time to reach people. Helping others can help you forget your problems. You will feel blessed to help those in need. It may help you notice that your problems may not be a problem after all if you compare with others.

Manage your stress before it gets better. Your health will be affected if you have too much stress. You may end up with illness like anxiety disorder but you are not aware of it.


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