Self Improvement – The Biggest Things to Avoid

The demand for custom products has never been greater in modern times. Self-esteem / personal development industry is a billion dollar industry. Just go to a bookstore and you will see lines on rows of self-sufficiency. It's like every other week there's a new book from a new success expert. Similarly, there are plenty of audio programs, videos, seminars and courses on a variety of self-help classes. Although relatively high prices to buy these courses and courses, demand is still as good as ever.

It's common to hear stories of successful individuals who read tons of sustainable books, attend numerous courses, and mostly fill their brains with everything that can help them improve and succeed. Constantly engaging in personal development issues can help keep on moving forward.

Although much is like there is always a risk of persecuting it. Like everything else in life, balance needs to be done. For all self-confident enthusiasts out there is the possibility of falling into the trap by using self-confidence to achieve hope rather than real success.

Have you ever known or heard of someone who read a book by post, attends classes after a seminar and continues to look for the latest success of the secret & # 39; but can not you ever create all of it in external success? Despite not being successful, they continue to do the same, keeping their faith in the self-confidence.

If what they had learned did not make major changes, continue to read more books, attend other courses, and continue to seek secret content that they believe will transform their lives.

And in the end, they all do their lives without real success promised in the books / courses / courses.

Because they are unhappy and want to change various aspects of their lives, people turn to self-esteem – as it promises the opportunity to make changes. But this turning to self-esteem can be like addiction, like a drug.

Here is an example. When things are not good, you buy a book that promises you to teach you how to turn things around quickly. You start thinking "Yes, if I study this stuff, everything will be fine". So now you have some hope. For the next 3 months you will find yourself in the book. But nothing changed much. So you start to get depressed again, until you see an ad for success that promises to change your life. You're feeling good again, you're optimistic about the future. But 6 months after completing the course, things are the same. You'll find yourself again … until you see another big thing that promises the same results …. And this can go again and again.

Unknowingly to many self-confident enthusiasts, when they do, they are just using self-sufficiency to buy their hopes for a better future. This constantly focuses on solving problems in the future, rather than facing the head of the head now. This keeps them dreaming of a wonderful future and makes life better in modern times. Put it differently, they use self-sufficiency to keep themselves in dreams of a wonderful future, hoping to take action to address the reality of the current situation.

The truth is of theories and technology out there are real factories. If you have gone through various personal developmental theories, you will understand that most are preaching similar things. The reason why some people succeed and others are not because, besides technology and philosophy, learned, to succeed, you need passion, willpower, discipline and sincerity and the burning desire to achieve.

So before you start looking for a new book, a new course or participating in something new, ask yourself: "Do I have a burning desire to succeed?" I learned what I learned and am I using it every day? Am I using self-sufficiency to buy hope rather than improve myself? "

Make sure you are not addicted to buying hope from self-esteem.

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