Self-esteem – Success is a risk of failure

Masters are people who are willing to risk failure in order to succeed. But it's a good risk and it's a bad risk. A good risk is when you put yourself on the line for great good. A good risk is an exercise in a sense. Looking for godliness is the key to good risk. Bad risk is stupid recklessness. It's leaping forward without thinking about it. Poor risk is selfish thinking only about your needs. Bad risk is something to avoid at all costs. Yes, good risk is essential for success, but before you jump, talk to God.

One thing we must remember is that failure is not bad; it's a step to be successful. When you teach the child how to be comfortable, how many messengers do you allow the child to do before stopping him and does not allow him to try again? You might be saying, "What are you kidding? My child is continuing to work until he succeeds. There are millions of adults around diapers in their pants." You are absolutely right for you. So, why is it different for us when we are chasing to achieve our dreams? It's no different. We just give up too soon.

If we learn from our mistakes, we will take one step closer to live our dreams … if we do not stop. Calvin Coolidge said: "Nothing in the world can take on perseverance. Talent will not, nothing is more common than an unsuccessful man with talent." Educated derelicts. "Perseverance and only one are almighty." The slogan has "solved" and will always solve problems humanity. "

The great inventor Thomas Edison understands that failure would be just a step to success. It took Edison 50,000 attempts before he took his new storage battery. Once upon a time Edison exclaimed as an attendant: "Results! Why, man, I've got a lot of success. I know 50,000 things that will not work." Follow the leadership of Thomas Edison. Have the courage to fail today so you can be successful tomorrow!


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