Self-Change – God's Approach

Man's acknowledgment means nothing unless you already have God's consent, which means eternal life. Many times, the temptation in life is to please people at the expense of pleasing to God. George Washington said, "If we want to please people, we offer what we reject, how can we then be our work? Let us raise the standard that wisely and honestly can repair."

We need to raise the standard by lifting our eyes to Jesus. By asking the question, "What would Jesus want me to do?" Egypt "What would Jesus do in this situation?" By doing, we will achieve a better life of life, God wants us to live. By pleasing to God, we will not always please our fellowman. But what's more important: pleasing to the Creator of the universe who keeps your life in his hands or any imperfect person who walks on the earth's God?

Let me remind you that we do not get the full approval of God by doing the right things. Doing everything right is not going to come to heaven. We can not get to heaven. Heaven is a gift. A gift we can only get through the blood of Jesus Christ. God loves us so much that He sent His own Son of Jesus to the ground to die for a cross for our sins. Jesus took on that tree all the terrible things you and I have done, said or thought. Because of Jesus, we have the full approval of God. Have you given your life to Jesus Christ? That's the only way you and I can please God.


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