Progress with motivation


Negative responses to your proposed ideas are disheartening. But you can look at the positive side of such things as a form of feedback! Try this, ask the one who said no tactfully, Ask: "What do you think I should take in the idea, to tell you yes in consultation with that?"

There are reasons to answer you, like why, have to make changes to the available programs that are being considered. This is the symbol you must accept and that the current action taken does not work.

If the question above is asked in any way, beautiful, tactful and straightforward, this can improve your lifestyle and make you better!


You can be sure I made a mistake, not even, not twice, but many times. This is no fairytale story to tell you.

I was laughed because I had an inferior style of cladding, my background, my academic achievements, and many other things in my life. In the national service in my country, I'm only a small, simple soldier and a private person in a position.

I accept myself, my ideas and hope to make improvements, you should do the same!

You should not feel disheartened when people say things that make you uncomfortable! Remember that in a group of people, the minimum is trying to understand, or think of, rather than engaging in the rest of the discrimination and jeer.

Finally, you can even take all events as a joke, so everyone can enjoy it! That's when laughter is seen by you as a form of gratitude. Therefore, this initially bad situation has become an opportunity.


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