Pranic Psychotherapy Release from addiction or compulsive behavior

I start defining & MCKS pranic psychotherapy & # 39;. There is a method based on pranic healing methods of scanning, cleaning, energy sources, protection and emissions. These methods are based on the principles of energy transfer from specialist to customer, at the reception of the client to receive cure and on the defense of chakras and ointment from penetration of negative thought and elemental elements.

Factors are energy drinks that consist of thoughts that give rise to anger, fear, sorrow or hatred. Thinking person is an idea that has connected her with strong emotions that give it energy on the subject. This unit resides in the aura, in the mental area and can pass through the chakra when tissue is cracked, torn or damaged. These tissues can be repaired and sealed with gold-light energy that the doctor intends and sends through a headset or crystal pin.

The power of intent to transfer energy is the essence of pranic healing being effective.

Crystal wands are used by a specialist of pranic psychiatry to accelerate the power of energy that can be sent to the client and reduces the consideration of the consumption of negative energy involved in the healing process that can be associated with handling and weapon by the specialist who is treating the energy during the treatment. This absorption of negative energy on the arms and hands of the pranic specialist is great when crystal is not used. This requires your doctor to use an alcoholic syringe with certain essential oils to get rid of negative energy that accompanies your hands and arms while cleansing.

Depression, anxiety and addiction can be the result of suffering from injury or injury, whether physical, emotional, mental or mental. These bad consequences understand the recipient's wounds and often accompany repetitive thoughts, feelings and when serious hallucinations, blowing up suffering and despair. These consequences can also be paralysis and prevent the client from taking action to profit, maximizing life-long potential and being socially active and productive financially, and being successful in relationships at all levels.

Grace of pranic psychotherapy is in its ability to remove these negative energies that result from trauma, injury or accidents. The psychological shield is also an essential part of this treatment to ensure that these negative energies do not return to inflammatory diseases of emotional and mental pain. It is often necessary for the consequences of repeated treatments to remove all negative energy gifts and elements that are fully fully functional and think of thoughts, feelings and patterns.

Sealing, repair and strengthening of the jaw tissue further ensures healing of the body's ether and prevents elements and negative thoughts from entering chakras and affecting the emotional and mental body of the client.

Master Choa Kok Sui has created this protocol that is given by recognized peers who like themselves, like me, who have been trained in pranic siblings and documented performance with treatment media with the above wounds.

Until now, I have only mentioned how pranic psychotherapy can be useful for treating injury due to anxiety causing depression, depression and / or incitement.

Another important aspect of this pranic psychiatric therapy is to treat individuals suffering from addictive tendencies and obsessive obsessions.

The same principles apply where negative thoughts and emotional bodies create audio and / or video equipment in case of injury or repeated recurrence and which contribute to a continuous pattern of destructive repetitive behavior that becomes addiction or obsessive obsession.

Pranic Psychotherapy can be a useful treatment tool for addiction to smoking, alcohol or drugs and other repetitive negative behaviors that are destructive, self-harmful or self-confident.

These treatments have been successful in reducing and eliminating panic attacks that customers have experienced in a social context. The source of these attacks attacks has been analyzed, and the removal of energy around the aura and chakras has led to future attacks in the future.

Shaky chakras and ounces are also essential ingredients in this healing technique to protect the customer from persistent and repeat thoughts and feelings that are characteristic.

The principle of openness and reception must be an important part of the healing process. The presence of these factors is essential for success.

There are also other reasons why people do not cure. Carolyn Myss says in his book: "Why do not people cure"? The book describes karmic reasons for people who do not cure from a particular wound. In short, the reason may be that this person has the teachings of learning in this genital and that this soul has to go through this study or tribulation to study a particular lesson. Former life of a negative karma catches up with us, if not resolved, and requires it to be worked out, sometimes in this incarnation. Therefore, internal thoughts and certain resolutions are necessary to cure the remainder of the former karmas that has been destructive to oneself or to others.


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