Positive, negative and neutral addiction

There are 3 types of addiction: positive, negative and neutral. Each form affects one's life in some way. Whether the addiction has a positive, negative or neutral effect is an individual's experience and a reaction to performing addictive activity. If the action helps the individual or other people then it is positive. If it hurts man or other people (physical, mental, financial, etc.), then activity is negative. Passive addiction either has a positive negative or negative effect on the individual or others around the individual.

Several types of positive drugs are reading, exercise and healthy eating. There are fewer types of positive addiction than any other drug. Positive addiction can be negative and may be considered obsessive in some eyes. However, there is a thin line between obsession and dedication. One person's definition of obsession could have been considered a dedication to another person.

Negative addiction comes in the broadest and different forms. Alcohol, drug, eating and gambling addiction are the most common forms. These addictions have detrimental effects on the family of a person, social and financial life. While some people can break these drugs alone, most help requires support groups, rehab centers and interventions.

Passive addiction is an act like lawn or car repair. Although this addiction is more hobby than addiction, they can have a positive or negative impact on the most important aspects of human life. One can or does not perform addictive activity than the expenses that are necessary to maintain balance in life. In some cases, neutral addiction may be approximately compared to obsession-obsession.

Step back and highlight your addictive actions and actions. Determine whether they have a positive or negative impact on your life or other people. Take time to talk to others about your addiction; Having another person's perspective will help you perceive your addiction. Finally, determine the best treatment method if necessary.


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