Positive and negative impact of addiction

Every person has his own addiction as it adds to food and drinks, shopping or even prohibited drugs. Some find it useful for them to be addicted to something that addiction helps to gain their self esteem, build self-esteem and a way to relax the nerves. Some also get addicted to something because it's through their addiction, since they can free up their stress all the way out. The problem for them is, when they are prevented from addiction, increases their anxiety levels and causes them to become violent.

Addiction is classified into two, positive and negative addictions. Positive addiction is an addiction that is useful to you. Avery common example of positive addiction is an exercise, living a healthy lifestyle and doing human rights. Although it is a negative addiction, it adds to it's harmful to the self, such as shopping, taking drugs, oppression, gambling, drinking too much and much more. These types of habits destroy not only the body but destroys itself.

Women are the most common forms of addiction to shopping. Shopping over shoes, clothes and bags is a joy for women. For them, they are found to shop as a form of stress constraints, exacerbate their anger and be in a depressing state. Negative to shopping is, however, that some of the clothes or the shoes or bags and whatever they shop for are no longer used as they no longer fit the pot or no longer fit those that lead to the amount of closet.

Another very common drug present in both men and women is the excessive distribution of alcohol. Of course drinking is not bad, it will only be harmful when it gets used to or is practiced every single day. Many individuals love to drink alcohol because it's through drinking that they could let go of their beautiful feelings. Some drink for the purpose of omitting reality and some forgetting their problems. Every time someone gets drunk, there is a sense of well-being and numbness throughout the body that even the best gun shot will not work on him when you hit him. Impact on gun effects is useless when you use it on individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Gambling when not controlled can become addiction. Again, people are playing for fun. Gambling becomes a problem when an individual does not seem to have control and continues to waste money on games of luck and odds. It's good to take part in activities like this, but always keep in mind that once you want to save money for the future of your family and yourself.

Forced methods and smoking are also addicted to many individuals, almost in all parts of the world. Like all other drugs, it also relieves stress and anxiety and tends to give satisfaction to individuals. It is by eating, as depression can pour out all its feelings, either sadness or anger, and when not overcome, becomes a habit. Smoking is probably one of those habits that is difficult to break especially for those chain packs. The only way to be completely away from this is to free yourself from smoking and learn to discipline yourself.

We all need to control ourselves so that we are not addicted to violence. All we need is the right discipline and always keep in mind that there are many good drugs in the world that will not harm our bodies and give us a better future.


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