Pornography-An addiction?

What do images have to do with addiction? I just admire this gallery … why should I worry about being addicted? How do I know if I'm addicted? These are some of the questions we answer in the second of our three articles about porn addiction.

What is addiction? To understand pornography, we need to understand addiction in general. Addiction can be defined as an ever-increasing dependence on content. To describe addiction, take a large triangle on a piece of paper. Mark the top point "Faith (self-portrait)", bottom Right dot "Action" and bottom left, "Results (emotions)" Now add arrows on the triangle lines, which point to faith in action, action for results, and results to faith. We will call this BAR cycle. Addiction begins with faith, we are somehow missing something and that some content (say … drug) could fill it invalid. This belief calls the action to experiment with the drug, leading to positive and negative results. The positive-tom was temporarily lightweight. Negative withdrawal, hangover, guilt and fear. Both the positive and negative results work to strengthen your belief that you have invalidated and the action to take the medicine can fill it, but this time it takes more of the drug to do it.

This BAR cycle is a simple way to understand how addiction works. Every time we go through the cycle, our self-esteem is reduced and requires more of the drug to rebuild temporary empty space we believe. Imagine that every time you go through this batch you are adding BAR to your drug, which makes fleeing harder. This is how addiction works and why it's so hard to recover.

What has addiction to pornography? So, what addiction has to do with pornography … after all, images are not drugs. Indeed, porn produces more powerful drugs than anything you can get from a doctor or street vendor. When we make sexual fluid, our bodies start producing the most powerful drug known. Endorphins work like a heroine, soothing and relaxing. Adrenaline acts like a crack, prepares us to defend competition for the attention of our partner. Because these drugs are based on the system, phenylethylalanine (PEA) is added to produce the rewarding feelings you get on and after highlights.

Watching sexually explicit images raises this normal sexual drive and references away from normal sexual relations. This actually increases the fine in the BAR cycle and adds to other successful emotions … shame due to social stigma surrounding unusual sexual behavior. Thus you can see, with sexually clear images, everything has to do with drugs and is at least as addictive and the needle full of heroine. If you read our first article in the category, "Pornography Addiction-Who Is Hurt?" You know that harmful pornography can be as serious.

How do I know if I'm an addict? What do we do with the line between viewing images and addiction? Many people say that surgery is not addiction without it interfering with your life. Although this is technically correct, it leaves too much space for interpretation … or denial. Answer the following questions honestly to yourself:

Am I doing more of this than I was a year ago?

Is more than 50% of my computer Spam about porn?

Do I use porn to increase or deny sexual interest in my partner?

Do you rather want sex for normal sexual relations?

Have I tried to stop and fail?

If the answer to any of the above questions was "yes," you are probably addicted to pornography. You can get more comprehensive results by taking Sexual Addiction Test .

What do I do to recover? With drugs, you can check into the detox facility, stay away from drugs and drugs, join a 12-member group and have a good chance of being clean. With sexual drugs, drug production is produced by the body, you can not get away from it. This requires much more time, mental discipline and decision to recover. Each sexual mind must be oppositional and replace the uplifting one. Sometimes it is necessary to complete sexual withdrawal as long as it takes to restore normal sex. It's necessary to get someone to be completely responsible and honest, so you can handle your temptations and get advice. We will find all this in more detail with our next article, Pornography Addiction Recovery. When you're serious about recovering, there are many places to get help. The most important step is to recognize the problem and decide to get help.


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