Physical stress: The 4 dangers of stress and how to overcome them (best for people like you)

Physical stress hormone body and steal life from innocent people. There are ways to overcome these harmful addictions on a fast pace, everyday life with meditation and relaxation. Realizing the dangers and taking corrective actions now makes an exciting adventure every day.

The Benefits of Natural Stress

  • The flight or battle response is activated just long enough to treat emergencies such as a yellow jacket in the room, an aggressive dog ready to attack or suddenly blow out on the freeway.
  • When the emergency is over, the body returns to normal when heart rate and breathing slow down and the muscles relax.
  • The body's extensive workout is over.

Risk of physical stress

  • Body reactions during stress times create physical and chemical changes.
  • Physical problems include high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, tension and worsening.
  • Psychological response involves mood swings, anxiety, depression, aggression, anger and insomnia.
  • The stress continues and accumulates as the cause continues to build and does not go away. This is a long-term problem; It is estimated that 70% of the medical council and 85% of serious illnesses are due to continued untreated and untreated stress.

Reduction of Body Pressure

  • Meditation and relaxation are beneficial for all, but especially for people with an active, overbooked, unstable lifestyle today. These methods can be as simple as breathing meditation as one focuses on every breath, only thinking about the body's response when he breathes and the body changes with each other. Square breathing is a helpful technique in which an individual breathes in a number of five, but inhales in five numbers, shrinks to five and a pillow to count for five before he breathes again. Guided conversation with a CD, cassette or spiritual teacher can last 30 minutes or an hour to help people relax and emphasize body and well-being.
  • Developing gratitude makes life much fun and fun. Pay attention and registration of many whom you are grateful for emphasizing a good part of each day. This could be as simple as the child's smile, baby voice, bird feeder, cat to play with a toy or taste of salty french fries. As soon as a person starts to notice many wonderful things happening around them, more exciting events take place.
  • It's a great way to start a peaceful day to reimburse you first this morning. By spending a few minutes lying in bed and forming someone you're grateful for, relax your body, slow down your breath and heartbeat and bring a smile on your lips. The pleasant memory and silent thanks is a gift to you and form of meditation and relaxation.

It's easy to exercise conscious effort to reduce physical stress by living happier and healthier. To think of pleasant thoughts, breathing breathing and consciously relaxing the body restore health and increase energy.


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