My Vegan Journey: 11 Months Self-Sufficiency and the Attraction of Attraction

On my birthday last February I hit a cake from a local shop that made homemade cakes from scratch. It was so good I could not get enough and I ate in the next few days with help, but I was killing it!

I had been a pescetarian for almost a decade and was pleased that I had stopped eating animals, and was doing my part to help save my life and improve myself at the same time. Strange happened to me three days after my birthday. I woke up and decided to go vegan. Just say that way.

And then the journey began

I started down self-awareness and self-improvement. I watched documentaries and read books on content issues. I read Kybalion. I made a voucher of fruits and vegetables and put it on top of the TV, but I did not stop there. I studied the study of lifestyle and their benefits. I began to be interested in learning other topics too. It was like something inside me turned on and I was connected to a great website of information and I could not take enough knowledge or learned well enough.

I started looking at something I would do with consciousness and how it works. I got into quantum science and was excited by the "double-ended experiment, showing how thoughts can change the outcome, which led me to spiritual and spiritual awakening. Traveling and seeing the world. Ancient story became very important to learn about and their knowledge was the same I learned how to think about it and since August last year, I'm doing it safely every day.

I started thinking about me from within, first by omitting people in my life It was fake and did not contribute to my growth, I just let them go. I stopped watching the news because they lie and tell you only what they want you to believe. It's a distraction from what's very important in life. wide! I started exercising regularly and drinking mostly water, the higher the pH balance, the better. I learned at intervals fast and have taken this into life my everyday. I'm thinking better, sleep better, and my creative habitation has flourished.

I'm an artist. I always dreamed of working my work in a gallery to come and see people. I paint when I'm in the area and let the painter just slide with all the colors. Money is tight, I'd paint on a pizza bag because it was free. This year my thoughts have made my world! A friend bought me artwork and artist. Friends and family bought me more cans, paintings and artwork, even information about calls to local artists to showcase their works! I've had my paintings in gallery and even sold one almost immediately this summer.

Finally, I have just bought a itinerary to go to Germany, which has been on the bucket list forever. My life is wonderful and I'm truly grateful. I just wanted to share in the hope that someone out there would be grateful for making changes that will help you get the best of your own too. It's never too late. Thank you.


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