Masturbation Addiction – Why is it addictive?

Many refer to masturbation as a disease. Addictive behavior they can not escape even when they are aware of adverse side effects.

But what are the side effects?

Negative side effects include fatigue and depression, as well as awareness of losing time, have not grown real relationships, accompanied by guilt and promised never to do it again. In extreme cases, masturbation addiction can lead to a loss of job or relationship.

Forcing parties are often associated with the use of erotic or pornographic content, usually available using the internet, television and offline magazines. It is a paradoxical situation where the physiological factor of the individual (need for sex) takes precedence over other physiological needs (eating and sleeping) and common social needs, such as having a real relationship.

Is masturbation very addictive? The answer is Yes and No.

It can certainly be addictive, but nobody chooses to become addicted. Like other drugs like alcohol and gambling: most of those who consume these will not be addicted, at least not initially; The problem begins when people lose control of their behavior and certainly feel emotional, as well as physically dependent on their new habits.

Is there any solution? Yes. But it's not as simple as some say.

The solution is united by things that most people are not really aware of.

First, as everyone knows, emotionally dependent is what most people realize is not that those who suffer from drug masturbation actually have much stronger physical addiction.

Content is the cause here. Every time we feel a sense of orgasm, chemicals are loosened in our brain and changes in our biochemistry are ongoing.

If you think you're suffering from drugs, then the first way to look for guidance is.

There is a training project throughout the internet and if you need assistance, you should definitely log in to one of them. The solution begins there.


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