Is a drug addictive and alcoholic disease?

Is drug and alcoholism a matter of power, choice or is it a disease? Despite the health and the fact that no one expects drugs and alcoholic diseases that occur because of their use, it does. Why?

Let's examine these questions in detail.

First, it's important to understand drugs. When an individual takes things like alcohol or drugs, this substitute changes the brain's chemical composition. Alcohol and drugs cause the brain to release endorphins, which causes the medicine to cause it. As a result, the man loses all his obstacles and feels "high". The process of addiction is a sinusoidal phenomenon with sharp tips and troughs. As the toxox disagrees, feeling of depression or depression may occur. He begins the desire for the next party where the body claims. The focus is on only one, next hair or rush. He distributes all his energy to getting the drug or alcohol and nothing else matters.

In other words addiction is not a behavioral problem, in fact it is a disease. When the person is addicted, skills or willpower weakens and the use becomes almost conditional response.

Who are at risk of addiction? Almost everyone is at risk; although some people are at greater risk of addiction than others. Many factors come into play in terms of addiction:

1. Genetics: When a drug or metabolism is present in the family, it is more likely that an individual becomes addicted to the fact that the chemically modified nature of the brain may be hereditary.

2. Low self esteem: Low self esteem or depression tendency can also lead to addiction. There is a simple reason for this. People with low self-esteem or low self-esteem may be looking for easier ways to feel comfortable. Drug / alcohol gives them the way that makes them feel better than anyone else.

3. Emotional factors: There is a high risk of addiction for people who have not had their needs to meet love or know unconditional love. Such children will be needed and loved ones, which they do not find at home and therefore seek for peers. Most of the time, just to please their friends, they get into drugs or alcohol and become a temporary addiction.

Addiction is a disease that destroys talent and intelligent person. This disease needs treatment like any other disease. Catch in this situation is that a patient is unaware of his problem and can even deny it. Therefore it is important to treat the patient with understanding and love. With proper treatment you can cure addiction to drugs and alcohol and the characters & # 39; life put back in order.


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