Internet Addiction – What are the Signs?

What is it?

Drug abuse or IAD is a malfunction of interference that does not involve poisonous drugs and likelihood of malicious gambling in many ways. It's an online guilty behavior that measures and causes stress on relationships with family, friends and collections.

Addiction to spending too much online can be analyzed by asking the question: "Do you manage the internet, or do you manage the internet?" Internet addiction can come to rule the individual's life and become more important than family, friends and work. An addict, life without the internet is by no means at risk and is at risk for real relationships and effective in maintaining their unhealthy behavior.

Internet addiction is generally broken down into various types including: online pornography, gambling, gaming and online shopping. The internet started as a convenient electronic network for scholars and the military to share information, but has exploded much more than that. Many people spend time on the internet and many more people spend too much time on the internet, but internet usage becomes a problem and addiction when people feel like they need to use it and it will be forced instead of just a way to postpone or access online services.

Although IAD has not yet been recognized as a clinical diagnosis, it is gaining momentum and recognition as destructive addiction that can adversely affect people with other problems and problems that occur. Network usage is not determined by spending time online, but the ability of the individual to control itself when it comes to its use.

Symptoms of Addiction

– Always Think of the Internet and What You Did or Will Do

– Finding that you need to stay online longer and longer to feel happy.

– Different, Moody, Depressed, or Annoyed When You Try to Cut Down Using the Internet

– Significant Relationships, Your Job, Education or Career Will Be Endangered by Online Use

– Finding You asks your family, friends and colleagues how long or often you use the internet.

– The use of the Internet to avoid the feeling of negative emotions such as hopelessness, guilt and depression.


IAD is obsessive catalytic stimulation, and those affected usually require treatment to get better. As it is difficult to expect people to eliminate technology from their lives, most treatments teach the administrator and behavioral change.


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