I can meet my success in recovery from addiction, following the balance of the bank

Are you wondering what money has to do with recovery from addiction and other emotional diseases? My experience as healthier, I've got more money that I seem to collect.

Until I set my way to make me feel better & # 39; I was always scrapping for "buck". I spent my money & # 39; to get alcohol, drugs, food and then later, even in recovery, poker machines (slots for american visitors). The only dollar I had saved was on holiday, which included and was specific to the great binge of the derivatives I choose.
for man. This education can come from our experienced parents, or we may need formal education to forgive financial rules. Applying these principles is the next step obviously.

I think I missed my self-control and # 39; or "discipline" & # 39; in this area of ​​my life. "Oh, you think so," I hear a few say. Put it this way, what self-control did I really have when I allowed myself to succumb to negligence and self-sufficiency? Even in the first two years of my replacement my choice was extra, I was still in pain so I chose to continue to work out my addict by spending a lot of money in the casino. Dear dear, dear, it was a nice happy round that I had.

Today I'm grown up and got educated, I can proudly say that everything is coming together in the French league. For Me BANK NAME OF THE BANK IS A PROBLEM OF SUCCESS IN RENEWABLE PRODUCTION. Auður does not make the man, but it makes this person very happy that I'm not losing the stakes of the finances in question. If capital gains do not affect us, I'm not free to evolve and do what I want to do in my life without it. It pays the bills and it takes me off & nbsp; my head & # 39; when it's there waiting to pay those bills.

As long as I manage and manage my finances and do not allow them to be & # 39; To get this privilege, I'll do it well. In fact, it's a game and self-esteem that's built because the game is just what everyone adds to. needed. Powerlessness leads to power as promised by the 12th stage.

Finally, I will share one of my secrets with you. I learned how to finance.

Monique Louise Hill



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