How to recognize self-esteem bad ideas and avoid its consequences

Good ideas or bad ideas were actually a signal given by us. What is suggested is good or bad. If the ideas work and give the desired results, that's a good idea. Likewise, if it does not lead to expected output, it's a bad idea.

If we aim to be the best, it must be a priority to work with the best idea. One way to do this is to acknowledge what a bad idea looks like, so you can cancel it in advance.

But recognizing bad ideas is not simple because bad ideas can be cheated, especially when it comes from so-called experts, on time and seems to be the most logical to do. After you've hired, you'll find that there's no improvement or worst, you're falling back.

So how can you tell yourself if your ideas about self-esteem are not good ideas?

I describe some of the common symptoms:

1. The concept is limited in reality or unnecessary.

2. The ideas are smeared with too much incongruence.

3. The idea is open or too wide.

Let's look a bit deeper.

Many experts on self-sufficient ideas are unnecessary. This is becoming more rampant. The internet is worsening the problem even more. Now, all I can tell you, if I've seen one, I've seen them all.

Trying to improve on the basis of such unnecessary ideas is a bad idea. The result is always below expectations. Everywhere people need new ideas. They want to hear something new. Not the same old song & # 39;.

Same thing with incongruence.

I do not remember long ago, I was in a room listening to encouragement. It was a quarterly meeting of the company and the speaker spoke of being interested as a sales representative.

The speaker seemed to have his background in direct sales or automotive sales because he made reference primarily to these areas. He spoke extensively during these two hours.

Guess what the audience were doing?

They were busy today dreaming or scribbling on the papers. Nobody was paying attention!

Why? Simply because we could not connect to the message. Even though the idea was there and the speaker tried very hard to get over it, but the idea was unrelated. The room was packed with salesmen who did not sell diaries or cars to a pharmaceutical company.

It was a bad idea to ask the vendor to introduce talented companies. It was incongruent and irrelevant.

When the idea is too wide, the effect is diluted and becomes a bad idea. For example, whenever one of us suffers from depression, we immediately resolve the use of a pill. We think it will work and it will work fast.

What if someone is allergic to the pills?

If so, we need not only deal with depression, but now we have to deal with depression and a very weak person. Not a good combination that I could add. Everything because of our extensive announcements or an idea of ​​losing weight immediately with medicines.

Bad ideas do not necessarily mean "bad." What they actually mean is that they do not work. When it comes to self-esteem, we want ideas that work. It's without saying we have to work & # 39; to make the ideas work.


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