How to control stress – ABC technology

Many of us complain about how hard it is to control stress, how hard it is to maintain the stress free lifestyle that all programs talk about. We nail on what stress light technology is not working. But what we do not know is that we just lack the ABC policy on how to control stress. This ABC trend is an adaptation to Albert Ellis, a psychologist, the Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) model which he calls the ABC step model.

This policy has 3 steps, so the name ABC that anyone can track. The A here is a potentially stressful condition, while B is your opinions, thoughts or perceptions of these stressful situations and C are the consequences that lead to stress. An example of this is to be stressed by always waiting and sitting in traffic. You have this situation where you have to wait a long time, and your thoughts and perceptions of waiting come in like being late and all the negative things, then potential stress you can get from that point up.

Now that you can analyze your ABC stress, you can now start changing it. Start by changing your A, which means changing your environment whether it's your workplace or home. You do not like to wait and sit in traffic? Go and go before to avoid it. If you can not change your environment, change B by changing how you think. To achieve good results with stress, always focus on how you can change how you view things. Think positive. You will not get anywhere if you suffer from negative thoughts that only lead to worsening stress you already have a feeling. If changing the situation or thoughts about the situation can not be changed, change C. Learn how to relax and calm down your mind and body. Meditation and self-confirmation can be the simplest strategy.

Also, remember that this feeling is the two-way process. You need something that would call your stress, and then you need to perceive it as something stressful. After both of these steps you will feel stressed. You can reinforce these external events and circumstances by how you want to view them. This means that most of our stress and self-esteem, and that means we have control to change them. Stop all that you do ever, minimize those who can not think of you, stop jumping into resolutions without a fair amount of truth and fact, cut down all unrealistic expectations and stop negative comparison with others.

Trying different strategies, enrolling in different stress programs, and reading a lot of health can not only help you control your stress if you do not change your attitude. Stress will always be a part of life. You need to start by looking at your life and finding out what is emphasizing you and how you are concerned about it. Then you can start converting process as simple as ABC.


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