How to break addiction to Marijuana

Marijuana is addictive and it is a withdrawal syndrome that will occur when an individual tries to quit.

Marijuana is not terribly dangerous for a short time, but the consequences of long-term use and addiction are more at risk of certain cancer, some cognitive and learning disadvantages and certain social disadvantages. People who use marijuana are not as able to realize their full potential and the high level of marijuana use can reduce quality of life.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms may include irritability, insomnia, anxiety, headache, nausea, depression, loss of appetite and others. The withdrawal is not dangerous, is not as serious as for some other drugs, but is very uncomfortable; and in the early days, the miracles back to marijuana can be very strong.

Too many people who try to quit habit can not resist these desires back to the use of a drug that they know will take away all these very unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal.

Try to practice … really, it works!

Because marijuana detox is not medically dangerous, there is no current pharmacological intervention to reduce the pain of withdrawal and only time will definitely increase discomfort. After 3 or 4 days, the intensity of withdrawal symptoms should be significantly reduced; and if you can do it in the first few days, you have a much better chance of doing it in the long run.

One very effective, free and completely safe way to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal symptoms has a long and fun movement. To reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and consider constant threads, you need to leave the couch and go out and pump your heart.

Exercise helps at various levels. With sustained and important activity, you release endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are a "natural" way to feel high, and a little movement and corresponding endorphins release can make a lot of less feelings of anxiety, somnolence and depression.

Persistent and powerful exercise can also tire your body and hopefully reduce odd insomnia that can so often lead back to use. With exercise and aggressive sweating, you can also cleanse the body of toxic and metabolised drugs; Toxic substances that some affect the continued symptoms of detoxification.

Passing the first few days

The exercise is free, it will make you feel better, it keeps you busy and keeping you in mind. and it can even help you sleep at night. Nothing will eliminate all symptoms of withdrawal than time, but by spending a few days in a continuous exercise, you should do those days better and you should have a much better opportunity to resist temptation.

Go hiking in the mountains, ride the city, play basketball … do what you like. It can help a lot!

If you find that you are simply unable to resist temptation and find yourself again, you might want to consider professional help. Getting treatment and preventing marijuana access for a while can help those who can not do it on their own.


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