How teenagers can reduce stress and return to school

In August 2007, a detailed survey of young people aged 13-24, conducted by Associated Press and MTV, announced that stress has a negative impact on the quality of happiness they experience in the first place. and women more than men in the public.

The report described 23 years of university students' happiness' as a stressful feeling. ' Daphne Grad, founder of Matlock Academy, has believed that natural stressful emotion is being done by meditation, which has created a stress reduction CD called Stress Soothers for Teens II. The CD-ROM determines where to turn, who to ask and how to solve stress for those young people who seek peace and balance without drugs and alcohol. Mrs. Grad believes that the answers lie within each and every one and wants to show how to achieve it. The program contains four steps and contains the original audio track. The first steps are:

1. Meditation with coloring: Including personal colors in the breathing process that allow the specialist to access meditation status quickly and without much admiration.

2. Mind Focus: This activity requires focusing on an object of up to twenty minutes with instructive instruction and require more details on details. It teaches that the focus can really be fun. This is especially useful for those who have been diagnosed with ADD and looking for helpful natural guidelines.

3. Physical relaxation allows the listener to release the body, from head to toe. Favorite most teenagers, this exercise can be useful to those who have trouble sleeping.

4. The guide involves the listener in utilizing the body / mind connection to relax both. The imagery provides a safe and consistent place where teens can enjoy themselves without money, car or books. Yet they can go and go as often as they like.

Daphne Grad, MS has been featured in print and broadcast. She discovered that working with teens constantly showed that while teens had academics they needed something to call their own when it came to self-awareness and awareness. By creating and measuring the impact of Stress Soothers, Mrs Grad was able to use the most effective exercises and utilize them in the Matlock curriculum. The success of Matlock students in the recognition of universities and self-happiness speaks for itself. Improved self-esteem, negative behaviors and academics all point to the same conclusion: give the youngsters the same opportunities and abilities that adults use in stress management, and they become a perpetual search for inner balance, peace and happiness.

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