History of Addiction

The history of humanity is full of stories about the use, abuse, abuse and addiction of both alcohol and other drugs. Allow the use of fictional history to show the first impression of alcoholism in history. Let us assume that it's a crazy family that keeps a man, a woman and a few children from the newborn to six years old. Let's call the male man Frederick and female Wilmington.

Frederick is the family's hunter and is responsible for buying food to feed his wife and harvest, at least responsible for bringing the food to the cave and Wilmington is responsible for preparing and serving the food. Serious thunderstorms have gone through the area for a week and have forced the game animals to flee in a distant place. Frederick goes for dawn and travels to the new alien territory to fish game animals. Frederick arrives at the new area at sunrise and starts fishing.

Because the area is ignorant of him, he is unsuccessful. He catches up at noon until he finds a shadow of trees that will rest, restore and plan his policies. There is a gratifying shadow under this tree as well as the rainwater rain from last weeks of storms. Frederick needs to fill his watercraft while it's on it. The shadow is provided by a strange look trick that Frederick monitors with potential food sources. Green yellow product, which will later be called peach, is what he sees.

He selects some of these and is unsure whether he is good for him or not, leaving them in his bag for a later investigation back to the cave. He fills his water tank and drinks a lot of water for water to turn off his thirst. He plans to rest and resupply and recover for half an hour as he is hungry, thirsty and exhausted, and then continues to catch him.

Nevertheless, Frederick looks surprised, but in the storm last week, some mature peaches have fallen into the bottom of the water pot, which he has drunk deep and filled his watercraft. The fresh people have fermented in this rainwater puddle and have made the rain water in mild alcoholic beverages, weak wine. Remember that Frederick has drunk deeply of this water, he has no previous experience of alcohol or wine, he is tired and is going to sleep for thirty minutes before continuing to fish.

Well, soon Fredrik is asleep, and while he sleeps, the wine naturally makes him sick, and he ends up sleeping all through the lunch. He wakes up to find the sun going down, but he is feeling better and well rested. His liver has metabolized the weak wine, and he has no knowledge or reduced his mild inoxication. Frederick travels home and explains the voyage to Wilmington. She is disappointed and at the same time sure he will find food tomorrow. Frederick man after the peaches he fastened and took them out of his robe and showed one of them. Just a little bit, to determine if it's safe to eat.

After thirty minutes he will not be sick, and much to Wilmington's surprise, he gives him a fresh as a substitute for game animals. She nourishes the family on peaches, because it is possible to get nutrition from various sources she has learned. She throws the seeds out of the cave as they are too hard to bite through. Frederick next morning goes out for the day to fish. He is planning in the same area and will bring fresh more peaches at home whether he kills a game animal or not.

On his journey to the new area, he drinks the weak wine in the water ship and reminds of a little funny taste that he experiences the previous day. He thinks nothing about the taste, because the water is extinguishing his thirst. Today, when we arrive in a new area, he feels funny; He feels relaxed, painless, refreshing and eager to fish. (Today we want to know that this is a feeling of mild inoxication.)

His first stop is the tree where he drinks the water, fills the water tank and collects as many peaches as he can carry. Well, with the mild inoxication he experienced on arrival, the wine he has drunk, and his empty stomach combines everything to increase fertilization. He is full. He starts to fish still and fails because he has drunk conditions.

In spite of himself and his condition at noon, he is a little deer like an animal. Decide that this will feed the family for several days, leaving Frederick fishing and preparing for his trip home to the cave. He drinks back from the pool, as he is strictly suspected of the special or special quality of the water has a stunning power to ease pain and fatigue.

He returns to a happy female society, because he brings not only some meat to his home, he also has almost more peaches than he can carry. The family, in the Wilmington band, has a good meal in the evening of meat and peaches. Frederick drinks water that he wore in the watercraft in the evening and becomes mildly drunk. Wilmington notices his strange behavior and is afraid that something is wrong with him.

Frederick assures her that he is fine and that he is drinking new water that relieves stress and fatigue and pain and pain. Frederick convinces Wilmington to worry and fear and try to drink some of this special water. After all, he says to her, "Do not knock it until you try it." Wilmington drinks of special water and becomes mildly drunk so that her worries disappear, her pain and pain come back into the unmemorable past and she and Frederick spend the night laughing and giggling because of this special water and # 39 affecting them.

Frederick does not need to fish next week, and on awakening, the next day at noon, the sound of screaming children finds Wilmington is still asleep. For both Frederick and Wilmington are hung-over. Frederick rouses Wilmington and tells her he is coming back to get more peaches and some, as much as he can carry more of that special water.

The story ends with the fact that both parents get alcohol to the extent that the neglected women came in and removed their children from their custody and caring and raised them. Frederick and Wilmington now moved their childless homes from the cave to locate the peach tree and opened a bar to sell special water to former neighbors and tourists.


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