Help with stress management courses and work support

It is a common reality that employees, including managers, need to deal with stress on a regular and stable basis. The goal of getting a stress management system is not to completely eliminate stress. Stress is good in the right amount. Helps inspire and focus and achieve goals. The problem stems from being overcome unable to cope with growing demands, especially now in this terrible economy where we are forced to be more competitive.

1. Know stress hot spots and turn points Presentations, interviews, meetings, give a difficult response, a fixed time limit … My heart rate is a swing just write these down! Create your own list of confrontational points or hot spots. Be special. Are there only promotions for certain audiences that make you work out? Does one task carry more stress than another? Have you drank too much coffee? Knowing what causes your stress is powerful information, as you can take action to make it less stressful. Need to learn new skills? Do you need extra funding? Do you need to switch to coffee-coated coffee?

2. Eat, drink, sleep and be happy! Lack of sleep, poor diet and no physical activity causes destruction of our bodies and minds. Probably obvious, but it is worth mentioning what it is often ignored as stress management technology. Listen to your mother and do not burn candles at both ends! Avoid using an artificial way to cope with your stress. It does not automatically cover a glass of wine when you think you are stressed and do not light a cigarette. In fact, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and medicine can make the problem worse. A better idea is to practice the relaxation tools we have given you. Then you can have a glass of wine when you want to relax if you want.

3. Go out and enjoy the mother of nature. Low sunshine and activity can have remarkable consequences at your stress level and will enhance all prospects in life. Your added attitude will have a positive impact on everyone in your family and / or friend; What seems to be overwhelming will soon be a trivial matter, which causes you to wonder what trouble was. Not only will you be less stressed, you will be healthier, happier and more powerful; ready to cope with any obstacles.

4. Give you permission to be young & # 39; again. What did you use when you were a child? drawing; paint; Be creative. Play with a leek, dance or read. Play music, allow yourself to express yourself without worrying that you do not follow the movie of what you are "& amp; be. Just relax and use yourself. We all have little children in us and it's a good idea to let the child express the child from time to time. If I say, this suggestion is great and very medical. I speak from experience. I can tell you that it's no pleasure to buy a brand new box of 64 colors – one with the sharpness in the box – and coloring a book.

5. Do not set unrealistic goals for yourself. Many of us set ourselves up for defeat simply by setting unrealistic goals for ourselves. For example, if you have a diet, realizing that you can not lose 40 pounds for one week is simply not realistic!


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