Gambling Addiction Stories

I do not have to look very far out to find a gambler: I'm a constraint myself.

First of all, I used poker. This gradually became time consuming. I started playing for an hour or two every so often. Then it went to an hour or two every day. Sometimes I was playing from eleven in the morning until midnight day after day. Inevitably, you learned my achievements. So, my home made life. After I lost three months & # 39; Revenue from turning one card I left. Just say that way.

My wife was more than upset with my behavior. I did not want to miss her. The choice seemed simple at that time. What I had not expected was that my addictive nature would simply express itself in another way.

I went to property development. I bought two old cottages, made them up and sold them for profit. Then I bought two and was as well. Then I bought a farm and it was an absolute disaster. I had been successful when property prices were going up, but I went down when an inevitable recession followed.

My banker had said that I seemed to have talent in this area. Of course I did. Everyone does when values ​​are on the rise. The professionals buy at the bottom of the market and sell them at the top. They see it all as a business, not like a passion.

I was cleaned out. I left a debtor more than our total assets.

I was fortunate to get my professional income so that I gradually finished my way back to solvency.

So, as assets rise again, I pledged my house and my office and rehab built.

In the first year we lost our total assets, but as property prices had risen again, I could lend again and continue moving.

It patterned for the next twenty-two years. Every time we lose, I lose re-mortgaged. The home that I had purchased for 4,600 pounds was £ 650,000. The rehab expanded and we built offshoots.

Sometimes I had paper assets of many millions and I had one hundred and twenty employees.

In my personal life, I was always very abstemious. I bought Volvo on the one hand. I rarely took a vacation. I bought books rather than toys in rich men who would decrease in value.

But I risked too much and trusted too much and it bought me down. Forcing people tend to give up their addiction only when they have nothing left to lose. It's rather what happened to me. Unfortunately, still, my gambling hurt my wife.

I never played in casinos or on racing or in venues or online. My money was seemingly legitimate – but it was gambling anyway and I paid a terrible price for it.

Now I work on my own, do specialized and delicate work with people who are depressed or frustrated or injured.

I look after addicts of all kinds and also work with their families. I have had professional training and experience to know what I am doing in this area.

More importantly, I've had personal experience to enable me to understand other players by their nature and to guide them to put it behind them.

I believe I was born with an addictive tendency and I die with one.

But nowadays I do not play anything, not even a lottery. I do what I need to do every day to free me from constraint behavior.

I'm happy, in peace with the world, creative and enthusiastic. I do not want to build an empire again, nor take risks at all. I am very pleased with what I am.


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