Feelings and essential oils

Essential oils are more than just a wonderful smell, it's actually a nasal healing process that affects the periphery of the system in the brain; the area that controls the emotional center. Our nose is the quickest way to reach foreigners.

As David K ​​Hill, chairman of the scientific advisory committee of DoTerra says, "Essential oils are simply a combination of volatile aromatic compounds. These compounds can affect the nasal odor of the olfactory odor (smell). Feelings and simply breathing up the aroma can cause emotional The lantern receptors located on the upper surface of the nasal cavity make a direct connection to the limbs of the brain, where the lantern is stained and processed. "

And from where the brain transmits signals through the nervous system to other parts of the body, such fragrant essential oils are equal positive and take them and rub them on your skin. This can literally be done by smelling the bottle or spreading them into a diffuser.


Eating oils can help us with our emotional healing, but they can not work for us. According to the book, emotions and essential oils, here are five levels of essential oil essentials.

1. Assistance to heal the physical body

2. Assistance to heal the heart

3. Assistance to Release Restrictive Religion

4. Increase mental awareness and connectivity

5. Encourage to Meet the Purpose of Our Life

This book describes each oil and I have found them to be a spot of what I have experienced and found after smelling the oils.

• For example:

• Cedarwood is the oil company

• Clary Sage is the clear and clear oils

• Douglas Fir is the Oil of Sexuality

• Frankincense is the Oil of Truth

] Tools

There are many tools out there to guide you, beyond intuition, with emotions and essential oils; there is also an application for the phone called Essential Emotions Reference. You can buy along with the book card that you can use to choose which feelings you feel or want to feel and the corresponding oil you can use.

I have even tried treatment because when you come into contact with the memory you want to clean, you flip the bottle until the memory disappears or changes the intensity.

doTerra even has a collection of oil that aims for emotions: peace, motivation, suffering, refreshment, comforting, forgiving.

So essential oils are not just a wonderful smell, they are actually emotional treatment.


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