Effect of television addiction

Let's fight
A few weeks ago I went to see Jackie Chans movie "The forbidden kingdom", I really liked the movie so much and I never expected to come out of an interest in continuing martial arts training my. Since I watched the movie, I started watching Aikido videos almost every night to restore my old talent.

This was very strange to me since I quit aikido training three years ago because I want more time for the gym. It was clear that Jackie Chans's movie has programmed my mind in such a way that I became willing to do something I stopped doing years before.

Fortunately, aikido is harmless and it's even great, but what if I saw a movie like "the IV" I thought I would like to cut my best friend in two halves? I definitely did not do this but I'm sure watching such movies over and over change something in the brain and how we think.

Impact of drug use
Television users are everywhere from the East to the United States. They watch television every day for three hours or more and sometimes need to skip important features to watch TV for a few hours. The risk of television usage is much larger than what you might imagine and the following examples are a sample of what television addiction can do in your life:

* Thinking programming: Like watching the movie Jackie Chan My mind of the movies you watch You will also be able to program your mind whether you wanted it or not. Look at a lot of drama and you'll be a crying guy, watch a bunch of action movies and you could become violent or watch a lot of horror pictures and you could start to believe in ghosts. Changing your views on life: Why do people want to grow rich in two weeks? Why are keywords like "How to become billionaire overnight?" Among the most popular keywords? Why do people feel very bad when they come back for the first time? Movies have taught us that good guys fail, deal with problems but usually solve them before the end of the film. It never takes a good boy more than a few days to move from poverty to wealth, from being unknown to fame and from being sad to being completely happy. As your views on life change, you start to make life events similar to the events you saw in the movies, but unfortunately this is only a disappointment.

* Narrow yourself: Watch television for a long time has been associated with depression. In addition, this depression leads to a failure to watch television, and depression and television dependence is developed.

* Makes you guilty: Usually, television usage is associated with delaying important tasks or spending time that should be assigned to the family. This causes guilt which continues to increase as you continue to monitor.

* Negative Thoughts: 99% of the news shows on the TV are negative. Lots of movies and TV shows have a negative message built inside. Be subject to such negative messages and the news causes you to feel bad and even making yourself a negative thinker.

The Final Word of Television Addiction
As you have seen, television addiction is very bad and can lead to dramatic changes in mood and lifestyle. The problem with television addiction is that it may not seem as dangerous as nicotine or drugs, but when you take a heart look, you find that it could have a detrimental effect on your life. Break this routine before it breaks you.


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