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My Philosophy:

I strongly believe in the ability of mankind to achieve any desired goal. I also believe that human attributes to personal growth are limited only to the imagination. The human being is a unique organism and is the only organism that can think and ability to enlarge its environment. The man is a self-creature who was not innocent with personality or purpose, but must choose with personal decisions.

The individual is free to choose: The driving force that drives the criteria of individual choices determines that we are not controlled by external influences or events. For example, the basic principle Choice Theory is that we strongly encourage psychological psychological needs. These needs are considered to be culture-free and all our behavior is intended to make alternative to satisfy these genetic psychological needs: Love, belonging, power, freedom, fun and survival. [19659005] treatment that brings about all addicted individuals to engage in tangible and intangible factors in the real world can certainly be called reality, or simply ] Reality Therapy ; also known as Choice Theory. In this article, Reality Therapy and Choice Theory are used interchangeably.

Of course, it's not enough to help the customer to deal with reality; He must also learn to fulfill his needs. Before an individual attempted to fulfill his needs in the real world, he did not get started. They begin to deny the real world and try to meet their needs "as" some elements of the world did not exist, or uncertain about their existence. For example, an insane person living in his world and a default adolescent who repeatedly repeats the law is a common example of these two situations. Even the person with a stomach ulcer who seems to be in reality is more closely monitored, which often tries to try more than he can handle and his wound is the body's response to stress. In order to do Workforce Training or activate the choice goal your doctor needs not only help the client to accept the real world but rather help him to fulfill his needs in the real world, so that he will not have anything in the future until deny his existence.

Responsibility: Responsibility, Basics of Reality Therapy is here defined as the ability to meet needs and to do it in a way that does not deprive other ability to meet their needs . For example, a responsible man chooses to do what gives him a sense of self-esteem and a sense of being worth to others. He is encouraged to seek and possibly persist privatization to achieve self-worth. The instruction of responsibility is the most important task of all higher animals, the man is certainly included. Exceptions for man is this task primarily under pressure instinct … instinct directly related to the continuity of the species. Children want to be responsible, but they will not accept discipline and learn better unless they consider the parents sufficient enough to show them the responsibility they are advocating. Again, parents who are prepared to suffer from the pain of the child are angry by keeping him in the guarantor's direction and teaching him a lesson that will help him all his life. The parent must not only keep the child in the proper procedure, but also show by example that they can take the responsibility course.

We gained self esteem through discipline and proximity to others through love. Certainly, there must always be an effort in it. For example, I do not care about you to force you to act better, you will learn through experience that is the right way. In the same way, love always has to be disciplined. I love you because you are a worthy man, because I value you and feel you respect me as yourself. Treatment Treatment is a special type of teaching or training that attempts to achieve a reliable short term that should have been confirmed while normal ] grows up. The more irresponsible person, the more he needs to learn about acceptable realistic behavior to fulfill his needs. However, Pharmacy Prolonged Alcoholics and Serious Psychiatrists are examples of deeply irresponsible people who are unable to achieve adequate participation so that they can learn or restore better ways to fulfill their needs.

The most difficult course in treatment is the first to get the person's involvement desperately but it has been so unsuccessful to achieve or maintain until he comes in for treatment.

Without the necessary involvement of the necessary warranty physiotherapist and the irresponsible person, can not be treated. Guiding Principles Workforce Training is aimed at achieving a proper work, a perfectly honest human relationship, in which an individual, for the first time worried about his life, realizes that somebody cares enough for him, not only to accept him, but to help him fulfill his needs in the real world.


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