Drug addiction

Statistics show that drugs are on the rise. Designer medicine is finding its way in clubs and bars and directed into the hands of teenagers and young professionals. Addiction to prescription drugs is also common. Many people become drug addicts against antidepressants and other medicines prescribed by doctors.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse usually results from misinformationum. Most individuals believe that they can easily kick away the habit of taking illegal drugs and most patients who become addicted to prescription drugs use them for reasons other than what your doctor prescribes. When a user has associated certain skills and emotions during treatment, he will be addicted.

Left undesirable, medication will be often, especially when the user is in the company with other drugs. At present, the drugs are already affecting the brain and are starting to make a judgment. Professional intervention is needed.

Signs of Addiction

Medicines can change human and lifestyle almost immediately. Addiction can show sudden gifts in general behavior, prospects of life, diet and sleepiness. Sometimes, drug use is obviously affected. The cheeks and eyes become cavities and the hair begins to fall out, among other symptoms. Some of these symptoms can easily be treated with professional help. Prolonged metabolism, however, has a long-term, non-reversible effect, such as brain damage or cancer.

Drug use

Drugs can be cured with medicines and advice. But the best method of dealing with addiction is to combine these two methods of sustained treatment. Family support and understanding also play an important role in the patient's overall recovery. Clinical rehabilitation may take up to six months, but an effort to keep a dysfunction is a lifelong commitment.


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