Do you know that your addiction represents war between subconscious mind and conscious mind?

When you are facing a decision to indulge addiction, start unconscious and subconscious thinking to fight each other. If your consciousness fails to be in control, take your subconscious mind over and retrieve old previous records that direct you to respond to the behavioral conditions. These answers are called routines.

Here's a special example: You grew up in a family where your father was drunk. When he drank, he stopped his mother when there was no food on the table. You say to yourself, & # 39; & # 39; I will never treat my wife like this. & # 39; & # 39; Every time you think about what your dad did you will be more and more angry. The previous file expands. The more you hate it, the more you will like what you hate because the file takes more of your mind.

You grow up and get married. One day you get your job done. Fearless, you stop at the bar on your way home and drunk. The drinks spoil the ability of your consciousness; That's why you work out your subconscious records. Your unconscious mind does not have the ability to identify, identify, organize and record sensory information you receive from your five senses. You go home and there is no food on the table.

What behavior will be described when there is no food on the table and you are unconscious? The subconscious file opens and you do what is in the file. You hit. You did exactly what you hated in your father. When the drink goes off and you will be aware again, unfortunately, you played it. You allowed your old subconscious file to take control.

"I do not understand at all, because I really want to do what is right, but I can not. I do what I do not want – what I hate" (Romans 7:15, TLB).

You can not feel guilty even when you do something wrong as long as you have a subconscious file that said the operation was good. Some can sleep as long as they did not get a conversation because that's what they heard was good from a parent or peer or culture. They did not know that it was wrong because their only source of reality came from old subconscious records.

Your consciousness wants to stop your addiction. But the subconscious minded by your negative past senses, reason, intuition, culture and authority keeps you from doing it. If you are controlled by your five senses, with your feelings, with negative images and past experiences, you continue to be under your subconscious mind police.

Addiction comes from the subconscious because the subconscious allows you to go unconsciously and not think about the actions you take. As a result, until you win the war on the subconscious mind, you will never truly be able to live the best life you are able to survive.

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