Do I need this self-supplement?

It was a long time back when I was still in my MBBS. One of my friends was reading "7 practices of very successful people". He was quite fond of the book and spoke to me.

"I do not need all these reforms," ​​I replied, I'm quite happy with how I am. "

As time went by, I could not help in an interview. Something I was humbled and I felt a bug. I was arrogant, I was poor in time management. I was hesitant to start a conversation. I was emotional but realistic

I was always a good student. I was doing my school day, I was competitive. I tried to do the best, but the best part was always determined by my environment. It is different when doing a local school level at a national school. But it's different when you compete nationally to go to a medical school.

I lost my first.

It was the first failure I

I did it the second time, I had to learn more. I did.

MBBS is a 5 and 1/2 year long course. The goal of graduate education is at the end of the course. Nothing stops one from the original goal. But I said I was not practical. Another push. I was studying after study.

Post graduation was a completely different game. You are a student who is a student at the same time. You need to interact with patients, colleges, senior employees, staff, technicians. You find that you need to improve yourself.

I looked for instructions and help. I watched well and effective doctors. I saw good and not so good surgeons and their habits. I landed and learned.

Of course everything can be learned. You only need to emphasize the fact.

I learned a very important fact.

One must be open to add.

It was a kind of irony. I was open to learning from the environment but I was not ready to accept that a self-help book could help me. This kind of mysterious had always been when I recounted again. I had always responded to my environment but always closed my eyes when I had a chance to look. This has to be solved. This has to be solved.

I accepted the book my friend had recommended long time ago. It was a good book.

It may sound absurd, but we must love our weaknesses instead of meeting them. We show our pride in them. Somehow, we convince our minds that we are unique because of the qualities we have. And when we say qualities, we also notice our weaknesses.

But we hardly make it.

How often have you heard this type of statement –

I think in my heart.

I do not like much communication. I'm a kind of introvert. Who needs too much money. Why should I work more!

And so on

But somewhere in our mind, we all want success. Everyone wants to become rich. Yet, we continue our denial because it does not match our personality we have created for ourselves. We want to achieve but we are not ready to follow the performance performance requirements. I was blind as a goat when it comes to self-help books.

I always believe no-one can teach you to get better. But at the same time I was learning from my potential environment. I was learning from someone. Knowing or unknowingly, someone was teaching me.

I was open to the idea but closed myself by mentioning the subject. Sadly I've killed this illicit pride. I am an open person now. You can learn from wherever you want. The same applies to self-sufficiency. Moreover, that's not what teaches us. It is us who learn from that subject.

The world today requires a lot of human relations. It's no longer the place turned by eminence. The society today requires some key features to achieve. Only one capability or quality can not help you. You need some features.

Even though reading can give one thought to our mind it is worth it.


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