Diuretic Therapy – Stress and Stress Training

It is widely understood that the effects of stress are much more than just psychological and emotional. For some time, doctors have found that stress has a real physiological effect. It is hard to believe that something physically intangible, such as stress, can have a real physical conviction on the body. Believe or not it's true and stress can cause destruction of your physical health.

Whenever the body goes into stress mode, it is a physical reaction, such as the fight or flight reaction caused by overwhelming fears or panic. Battles or flight reactions are actually the body's reaction to stress, it prepares your body to fight or escape from what danger it is imminent. When your body size is in this condition, here are some of the things that occur:

  • The nervous system is a warning about the current risk that causes adrenaline and noradrenaline into the body
  • Heart rate is an increase
  • Inhibition of the body's body sphapters
  • Bloodfish became restricted
  • Nutrients used for energy are made available to the muscles (like fat and sugar)
  • Muscle veins spread to give oxygen to the muscle (it is still true others being limited, the dose is selective for the blood vessels)
  • Student dilution
  • bladder relaxation

It is more than not significant for this article. Even in a nutshell it is clear that the digestive system directly affects the onset of a fight or flight response.

The issue of battle or flight reaction is that it is not necessarily harmful to the body. Indeed, it protects us from harm and develops for a long time adaptation of human beings to survive. The process focuses on the senses and increases strength and energy in short terms in response to the presentation of a potentially life threatening hazard. However, it developed within our ancestors that would have been much more common for such a threat in their daily environment before it was relative security and securities in modern life that make the humans much less intolerable to such dangers on a regular basis.

Fast moving to age of technology and industry. All our modern comforts have created a world around us, an environment that develops much faster than our body can adapt. A few hundred years ago, production almost did not exist, and families were mostly living in homes or on their own farms as a good life-threatening organism, instead of accelerating the world's production and consumption as we live today. There lies the problem.

As a result of a very rapid change in society, people are dealing with a physical body that is adapted to an environment that is very different from what we actually live. It is not nearly so often that we need to rely on our struggle or flight response to help us out of the serious physical dangers that our predecessors would have experienced more often. Instead, we face much less obvious, yet harmful predators. chronic stress.

Time limits, traffic, education, financial crisis, debt, relationships list continues on stressfulness we are influenced in everyday life as we know it.

The consequence here that the doctor is understanding is this fight or flight reaction that occurs over sustained periods and regularly is extremely detrimental to our health. The reaction develops to exploit in short periods, rarely. When stress persists, it starts to work very hard against the human body.

Many of the problems that are now known for chronic stress, Wikipedia specifically describes this article:

Reference from http: // en .wikipedia.org/wiki/ Fight-or-flight_response: [19659002] "Long-term stress reactions can lead to chronic immune system suppression so that the body is open to infections. However, a short increase in the immune system is shortly after the fight or flight reaction has been activated. Need to fight infections in a wound that you may know have been in contact with predators. "

Here we see that chronic stress directly affects the immune system. In the consolidated list earlier in this article, you can remember a third bullet indicating that the fight or flight also directly affects the gastrointestinal tract. The context here is quite obvious; Ulcerative colitis is a disease that occurs when the immune system attacks the gastrointestinal tract (shingles separately). Both of which only had a significant impact on the fight or flight reaction.

Experts in the field of gastroenterology, so far, report stress can not be responsible for twilight or cause of allergic inflammation. What they can not report is what exactly causes gout inflammation. Some in the medical community are not completely convinced that chronic stress can not be one of the causes of diseases such as gout inflammation, but it is a consensus until more is understood. What is understood and agreed in all respects is the influence of the current state of ulcerative colitis. This is because the immune system (our protector turned an attacker) has started and a torch can occur or worsen due to the increased immune system.

It is obvious that in spite of stress, you can not be responsible for gout inflammation initially, when the two become potentially very harmful. Now that her stress and her relationship with bladder dermatitis have been described, I will introduce a series of posts that discuss some methods of control and, to the extent that we can, eliminate stress as a means of correcting gout inflammation.


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