Dealing with stress

We've all had this feeling before. Our muscles are excited because our bodies are drained and our minds become crazy. Yes, the feeling is stress. According to, stress is defined as "constraints or effects as a physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes physical or mental tension and may be a factor in cause disease (2011)." As a college student, I faced all kinds of different stress. As well, most of you probably become a little stress in your life too. Having to deal with stress as a student is not uncommon. A recent MSN article reports that the Associated Press has conducted studies at the university level of students at many universities in the United States. The survey found that four out of ten university students reported that they were often stressed. One in five says they are stressed most of the time. One in four students experienced daily stress and one in ten had suicidal ideation (2008). That's why I want to introduce you to what I think is the three main stresses that all go through. This would involve financial problems, workplace stress and personal relationships. Then I also want to take you through five steps that I have found useful in dealing with stress.

The first major charge is a financial problem. Bills can become overwhelming. Especially when they keep moving on. Most of us have student loans, credit card transactions, rent, gas, electricity, phone bills and the list can go on. Also by continuing to raise the price of gas, costing for school to go up, foodstuffs go up and pay rate go down, not to mention jobs all together is hard to find, stress can easily accumulate when financial burdens get us the best, and the reaction to stress becomes difficult when we do not have a good strategy to keep stress under control.

In addition to financial stress, we have workplace stress. The workplace may flow from many factors. You may be worried about getting your next promotion or you may be worried about losing your job because the economy is so bad. Other factors may have experience of negative behavior from your coworkers or bosses. You may not achieve your goals or make major changes in the workplace and you are worried about how it affects you. Many factors in the workplace can lead to stress and overwhelm us, especially if we do not know how to deal with stress.

Further, stress is personal communication. We can get an attitude from our relatives. Have an attachment to our children or spouse. It could be a possible illness to deal with in the family, or a major change in placement could occur. These all bring great stress to our lives. Without knowing how to cope with all these stresses, they could really embarrass a person.

Therefore, I want to introduce an acronym that I use to remember five steps in dealing with stress. The abbreviation is RELAX. It stands to acknowledge, exercise, let-it-go, attitude and Xtra sleep. Allow each letter one at a time.

The first letter is "R". "R" stands for recognition. We must first recognize stress before we can cope with stress. When you know stress, try writing what you are stressed down on paper. This is a way to prevent and analyze a better way to go about the situation. Also, some people simply feel very relaxing and it helps calm the nerves.
The second letter is the letter "E". "E" stands for exercise. Embed exercise into your life. Make it your daily routine. Take time to practice because it's simply good for you, and it will help you keep in mind your concerns. If you can learn to do it regularly, you can start building that routine and get more organized. Over time, you will be less surprised and benefit from a healthy life.

The third letter is "L". "L" stands for Let-it-go. So often you can skip it. Think about it? Will it be 10 years or even five years old? If what's emphasizing you will not matter in the long run, please just ignore it's not worth emphasizing. Life is too short to be anything but happy. If it matters, take a minute and then take the piece piece by piece so you can make a good decision.

The fourth letter is "A". "A" stands for attitude. When you talk about school or work, do you often talk about how you will fail, or how it can not do it or how it's too difficult? Well, it's just pessimistic and clearly with a poor attitude. You then need to go back, evaluate yourself and adjust your attitude. According to today's psychology, "optimism is wonderful quality, one that can positively affect mental and physical health."

Now the fifth letter is "X". "X" will stand for Xtra sleep. Everybody needs the right sleep for energy. Are not you getting enough sleep? Are you staying all night? Or are you staying late? Then you need extra sleep. The best way to get the sleep you need is to schedule and claim. Go to sleep at the right time. As you develop a habit, you will notice that you have enough time during the day to do things. Finally, you will be less frustrated when you get the sleep you need.

On the other hand, not all stress is bad. What I've been referring to is bad stress or what is called an emergency. But it's such a good stress. Good stress is stress that comes from tension or adrenaline and can be very useful.

Finally, what I inform you today is a few key stressors in our lives, such as financial problems, workplace stresses and personal relationships and how to deal with stress can be done with the abbreviation RELAX, Recognize, Exercise, Let- it -go, attitude, and xtra sofa. So if you've been in a stressful state, you'll know what steps to take to reduce this stressful event, or if you do not remember the five steps, you'll remember at least the abbreviation RELAX and simply relax. The only thing can help to take the stress path.

This is just one way to deal with stress can be done. There are many other ways to deal with stress that you will be introduced to this website, such as: using stress relief, dealing with anxiety, using stress toys, taking herbal remedies for anxiety and more.


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