Dealing with addiction

The word "addiction" sums up a picture of someone who has lost all self-esteem, ready and willing to commit crime just to feed a need that is inaccurate. Reality, as usual, is not like that. Generally there are seven addictions, and of course there are many varieties and subcategories of these seven.

Addiction is a requirement that someone can no longer be controlled. Addiction exists for something that the person could live better without but can not. The person who is addicted to what they are dependent on.

People take on various kinds of addiction for various reasons. The most common reason is that it is a method of dealing with psychological problems. It's like taking a painkiller for your broken leg. Unlike broken feet, the sore surges rarely go away, and the person is left addicted to addiction and allows them to feel normal and able to cope with life.

The first addiction is related to drugs. Drugs should be divided into prescription drugs and banned drugs. The usual view of an addict is the person who is addicted to prohibited drugs. Drugs cause damage to both the mind and body and after a while, physical addiction is confirmed. The man can come from the drugs and be clear in a few weeks, but psychological obsession is still drawing them over and over again.

There are more people who are addicted to prescription drugs than banned drugs. Regular prescription drugs contain sedatives, antidepressants and hypnotics. Once on these medicines it is very difficult to get started. Some may take over one year for full review. Like banned drugs, they are used to address a deep psychological problem. Like banned drugs, they do not solve the problem just make the man able to cope.

Prescription drugs are absolutely difficult to surrender. Because they are prescribed, people believe they are safe and they can stop as soon as they feel better. This is not the case.

The other addiction is related to alcohol. This product would have been immediately immediately if it was invented today. It is available and harmful to addiction. Very acceptable, alcohol breaks through all of our lives. It is not only socially acceptable but rather socially required.

There are two types of people who are addicted to alcohol, regular drinks and binge drinks. Regular beverages are physically dependent on alcohol and need it every day. In the later stages of addiction, the alcoholic will urgently replace a meal at a time. Although there are lots of calcium in alcohol, it does not contain any of the other vitamins, minerals, etc. the body needs so it's usually missing.

Binge drinkers can go for weeks without drinking, but their need usually builds in the background. Once a certain level of psychological tension is reached (which they may be completely ignorant), they will suddenly drink a large amount of alcohol. When they come from drowned states, the cycle begins again.

Physical addiction to alcohol can break in about ten days depending on whether an individual is. Delivery is without benefit without an individual also discussing the deep psychological problems that created the need in the first place.

The third addiction is related to work. This is the most socially acceptable addiction. It also includes financial benefits. Like all other addiction, it easily takes over and becomes obsession. The normal balance of life is lost and the person is either working, eating (and thinking about work) or sleeping.

The person of drugs lies in his ability to prevent escape. Anyone who can participate in legitimate activities in which he believes he has the power, need and reward. Work is not only a source of income, but it also becomes the hobby. Working addiction is usually accompanied by a hard effort to deny that it exists.

The fourth addiction is related to sex. Those who have sex usually have problems with long-term relationships. Sometimes the person has found a rejection at an early stage of his life and is temporarily looking for injury. The man can have a lot of short-term relationships, but none of them is adequate. Constantly looking for confirmation that they are appealing or appreciated, they can accumulate fan admiration. Although the person can become obsessed with sex, there is a real need to feel comfortable. Without support, the person is convicted of his relationships because one person will not be able to meet their needs.

The fifth addiction is related to smoking. Although many people find it hard to believe, smoking is the easiest drug to break. No person has been smoking over 40 cigarettes a day (depending on weight and gender), they will not have physical addiction to nicotine. Withdrawal may take only one week for the physical need to disappear.

Psychological need for smoking is greater. People smoke to relieve pressure, for social reasons and to help them relax. In fact, smoking is not easy with relaxation, but the man thinks it does and it matters. To quit smoking, the person must identify why they smoke.

Smoking is interesting because it is also a matter of fashion. Only relatively recently introduced in the world, smoking is now in a sharp decline in developed countries although it is still growing in the third world. The only industry in the western world where smoking is still strong are those who use smoking to help with weight management.

The sixth addiction is related to gambling. This is an unusual addiction because there is no physical need. All other addictions appeal to one of the senses, not gambling. Psychological obsession is powerful, as the man spends his ability to pay. Under obsession, believing that the man will work something. This belief in working takes the person well beyond what could be considered a treat. Even after winning, the person is still committed to continue playing.

The seventh addiction is related to food. This is a common addiction; any food can be the goal but often is a chocolate favorite. There are two main addictions. Firstly, drugs are allergic to which an individual has an allergic reaction to food. When the body learns how to deal with the reaction by metabolism, the body needs special food, though it is allergic to it.

Another addiction is generally because the person is no longer nutrition. Anyone who eats for comfort, out of boredom or stress. Food provides a method of copying but an individual is rarely aware of the source of stress.

Very quickly people became heavily fed. They will know every diet and cook book. Food may be in their minds almost all the time. Chocolate is slightly different because it contains a substance called PEA, which causes the brain to release endorphin. This is an intrinsic morphine that makes the man better and also acts as a painter.

There are several common denials of addiction, but smoking does not always match the pattern.

1. Psychological addiction is always stronger than physical addiction.
2. Addiction is not the problem, since it's just bullying. The real problem is what addiction is masking.
3. Although the activity seems to be destructive, it really helps the man to deal with a problem.
4. The vast majority of people are unaware of the cause of addiction.
5. Addiction becomes an obsession that eliminates everything else in life.
6. Most drugs are always destroying the family unit.
7. The only way to remove addiction is to deal with the cause first.

As mentioned, dealing with addiction means finding what addiction is masking. It may be offensive to childhood, broken family or parents who were too protective. No matter what the cause, if not found, the unconscious mind will not give up on its tactics to deal with without real struggle. Why will someone give painkillers before the pain has gone?

Once the cause has been found and responded, there is still another problem. When an unconscious mind has found that alcohol can reduce psychological pain, it will remember and use it again in the future. It is also important to explain for an unconscious mind that the next time a problem arises is better to work it rather than go to the bottle.

There is no need to be afraid of people with addiction; They are just ordinary people who have problems that they find difficult to deal with. For some time and usually professional help, they can all respond.

Addiction does not take years to remove; Physical need can be removed in weeks. Psychological need takes longer. For those who want to solve their addiction in a shorter period of time, they can apply for residential housing as they receive high psychological assistance. When choosing a clinic it is important to ensure that psychological assistance is provided and it is not just for a "dry out" center.

For those interested in using psychiatric drugs to solve addiction, call Grahame on 96 540 5631 or visit the website . Anyone wishing to attend a clinic that provides full psychological support can call the sanctuary on the above number.


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