Critical Annotation – Out of the Shadows of P Carnes

Understanding of sexual drugs takes a lot of education and time. Carnes gives a great overview and insight into what sexual addiction is all about. With this statement, counselors can get a better sentence on sexual addiction to deal with customers or know how and where they can refer them. Sex and sex are just beginning to make it out of the "taboo" family and relationships; On the other hand, there is growing knowledge of the number of people with sexual dependence.

The question of whether there is more knowledge of addiction or actual addiction can be endlessly justified, but the fact must be emphasized that the number of sexual addicts is high in public and very few counselors with knowledge of the work of these addicts. Carnes says: "The book was taken into a deep underflow of sexual harassment in our culture. Many were struggling with inadequate resources" (px).

Those who are dependent on families and friends. In 1983, the first version of the book was called The Sexual Addiction, but as people were tired of buying and reading it, the title was changed from the shadows: Understanding of Sexual Addiction. More people bought it and many people relate to the book in so many ways. From the first edition of this book in 1983, in 2001 came another version. This was only after Carnes received thousands of letters containing information about each addiction or association with addiction. Carnes says there are more doctors who understand sexual dependence and what works by treating addiction.

Before you can look at sexual dependence, you must understand what is addiction. Addiction is "the situation of suffering from a habit or exercise or something that is psychologically or physically used, such as drugs, that such an excess of its severity causes serious injury."

Carnes says: "An instant happens for every addict when the consequences are so great or the pain is so bad that the addict acknowledges life is immune to sexual behavior" (page 1). This moment is different to each addict. As seen in a newspaper: Adapting predators, some are arrested and never go back to minors, but some are arrested and return.

Out of the shadows, it shows how drug abuse is going through the congestion and in a cycle out of control. The addict rationalizes the behavior of thinking that it is a valid ratione. This impaired thinking not only causes optimization but also harmful actions. Carnes says that this is a constant struggle between the individual and the individual. a type of jekyl and hyde battle occurs.

The sexual addiction can come for a variety of reasons, such as being overweight, childhood injury and molestation. Worst dual addiction is when the sex addict is also added to alcohol and / or drugs. Carnes points out that many people think sexual addiction is a consequence of alcoholism or drugs; rather there are two kinds of addiction.

Few people understand that sexual addiction has different levels. Some of them are culturally and socially acceptable and have no reason for treatment or treatment. The first stage involves masturbation, which in our society is not only normal, but also necessary for a sexual person. It is when these activities are forced and disturbed in everyday life, that they become addictive. Something as simple as masturbation can grow in need or in need. Masturbating several times a day or worsens themselves after they do. In fact, they are making a shame of it. Also in the first stage is porn, prostitution and anonymous sex. This can be acceptable in society, such as pornography; However, the time when sex addicts enjoys these effects that make them dangerous. Many individuals within the group have a sense of control over their dependence, including times they do not participate in behavior and sometimes binge.

Level two gets more in illegal aspects of addiction. Level two would include showcases, voyeurism, neglected calls and indecent freedom. Most of the society would see this as an inconvenience rather than a serious crime. These actions involve violating others without their consent.

Step three gets a significant break on the boundaries; childbirth, compensation, rape and other violent sexual offenses. This is often where addicts hit the rock bottom and are forced to cope with long imprisonment time and / or proxy counseling. Others including courts, counselors and other prisoners challenge their sense of behavior.

Addiction is not a single deal. Its effect is spread everywhere and often includes family members and friends. Concomitant addictive behavior is common with this addiction and denial of others around the addict. Twelve level recovery groups; who keep the addict to book with other members and the addict is definitely helpful. Unlike alcohol, which can quit alcohol, the sexual addict needs to figure out how to take sex into his current or future relationship safely. Marriage does not solve the problem. Carnes continues to offer insights into dealing with sexual dependence and how to recover from it.

Reading out of the shadows gives a great insight into not only what addiction, but what sexual addicts go through while dealing with their addiction. With Carnes & # 39; story, addicts can teach others about the fight against sexual dependence and how difficult it is to recover. . Insight into another issue of the book gives great views from addicts who say what society does not want to hear than needed.

Critical annotation: Carnes, P. (2001). Out of the Shadows: Understanding of Sexual Drugs City: Hazelden


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