Confession is actually one of the best management issues

Stress is an uncomfortable and common problem and as a result, people are constantly looking for ways to reduce their stress levels. We are always asked to recommend methods and strategies for stress management. Every time our answer is the same; confession.

Recent research supports the old rumors that the confession is good for the soul. But before you fly to church to confess, let's consider what this means.

Talking about the soul takes us to the philosophical myfield. So we say that confession is good for the state of mind.

While I'm happy with all the truths you've been dying to spill down, it might be good for you, I have to advise you on caution. Many political career has been eliminated by unmanageable meetings with the truth! Also, if you find yourself under the police, it is probably best to stick to the truth; although you may want to see a lawyer first, especially if you are a politician …

If I do not advise full recognition, what am I talking about? It's all about getting your hopes, fears and worries open.

Opening is difficult for many who need to recognize two major things:

1. There is a problem.
2. They should do something about it.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people do not even come to stage one. They hope the problem will disappear so they do not have to cope with it. Sometimes they float inside, hoping they can sort it out. But this often ends up badly.

Once we have recognized these two things, we must try to frame them. Setting up problems so that others can understand that it's a great way to focus on a particular problem. If problems are clearly identified, a solution can be easier to find.

Next comes the question of who gets unburdening …

At the top of the tree there are psychiatrists. Being the highest are the most expensive ones. It reminds me of an old joke …
"I went to the psychiatrist because I was very crazy and now I'm completely broken!"

Then we have a consultant. You can happily bend your ear for a moderate fee while you're having trouble. No expert may include family or friends, although a warning sign here can be driven away.

I find that the best tools you can use to reduce your stress are pen and paper. I use stress tests by writing down all that stresses me. Rather than reducing jotting figures on extortionate hourly rates, I do it myself.

Here's how you do it:

Put somewhere comfortable with paper and pen. Make sure you have some sheets of paper – you do not want to run out when you are in full flow. Also use a solid ballpoint pen rather than a pen or pencil. It might get a bit heated and you want it to end at the meeting.

Write down what plays in your mind or "stresses you out". If you have had a miserable day, say so. Nobody is going to see what you've written, so let it go! Do not worry about spelling and grammar. It's not a thesis so nobody is tagging it.

If your thoughts come sooner than you can write, try writing rather than slow downloading stress. Use abbreviations, scrawl and scribble away!

If people have caused you sadness, say stress or discomfort. Call them every name under the sun if it will help you unlock.

When you're done, do not read what you've written, what you've put in the past. Just tear it all and throw it in the trash. Think of it as ripping your strain on the tombs. Scrunch it into a fixed ball and then throw it and your stress away. You will be surprised how well you will feel.

It may sound mad but it works – try it.


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