Coloring – How coloring and coloring can help solve stress

Remember that when you were a child, lying on your stomach on the floor, opening the coloring pages, holding hands with other colors that leak out of the box? Remember the feeling of peace and pleasure you felt while you were painting? Why do not you consider revising this favorite youth adventure to help you find the time when you find yourself at the edge?

Coloring is one of the best forms of meditation

Many of us, when we think about coloring, associate ourselves with innocence of childhood and time when we were not burdened with responsibility and expectations. Picking up color at a time can help us connect to the simplicity we've lost temporarily.

You might think of coloring like letting your inner child entertain and enjoy yourself, or you might think of this activity as a form of meditation. Choosing colors and gentle, repetitive movements of your hand as you bring color to paper helps your calm mind – bring ordinary fast-acting thoughts down to a much slower pace.

Now you're grown, there are no limits.

Not only can you give yourself permission to color outside the lines, you can keep the color as simple or as sophisticated as you like.

For less than $ 10 you can buy a jumbo coloring book and a box of Crayola colors. It's nothing like the smell of new colors and to restore your favorite color and open a new color book and check all the options before choosing your first page in color.

(You can also search the web for many sites that offer free printable color pages.)

You may find that you have expanded colors and want to color using something with different textures and different feelings. . Pencils and felt pens are an inexpensive choice. But you may want to spend some extra money and try colored pencils, Conte Crayons, Oil Pastel, Pastel or Watercolor Pencils.

These days, many coloring books are used to market and promote children's movies or television cartoon characters. Finding books that contain basic images of flowers, food, animals etc. are a little harder but not impossible. Themed coloring books are often the best sellers.

Also, if you consider the need to increase intellectual stimulation during your meal, there are several coloring books that contain photos of anatomy. It is said, one of the most effective ways doctor students study the intricacies of the human body is by coloring detailed images of various parts of the body.

Want some rice? There are also adult themed coloring books as well.

To make coloring true meditation and spiritual experience look for a ready-made mandal design or create your own color. Mandalas are a complex, symmetrical geometric design that draws the eye towards the center. Many religions use mandalas as a means of connecting the self to higher authority. Within the Buddha, mandalas are created as sacred places that, with their very presence, remind the viewer of the great holy of the universe and his potential in his own life. Creating a mandala is said to be a very powerful and holy experience.

Think about coloring as a creative fast party

We all love to create. However, for some of us, painting and / or drawing is not our forte. And for those who benefit from painting and / or drawing, it's hard to find time to start a project. Coloring is the perfect creative, fast-fitting for everyone. It's time to experiment with color and to express your mood in color effortlessly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Coloring with children can be inspiring. What about having a friend or two over for tea and some time? And what kind of artists who feel a little burned work on a regular medium, why not use coloring as a way to renew your creativity?

More than just a strain protection

Coloring is used in formal theaters such as eye-catching development and to help the physician suffer from shock. Regardless of your needs, it's so much to get by spending time coloring.


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