Cause addiction

A great discussion is about the causes of addiction. Because there are two factors in addiction – physical addiction and psychological addiction – it is likely that many factors present a risk of addiction. In the case of certain medicines, such as methamphetamine or heroin, almost all affected individuals will be addicted. On the other hand, addictive behaviors like shopping or eating are used by a moderate majority of the population and only became addiction to some.

The following risk factors contribute to the development of addiction:

Genetics: It is thought that addiction such as alcoholism can be hereditary. Individuals from families with a history of alcoholism are more likely to get the disease themselves. Also, individuals from families with a history of addiction are more likely to develop some other form of addiction. For example, someone from an alcoholic family can experience problems with obsession or violence. While environmental factors can also affect, individuals who have been removed from their alcoholic parents and raised by unaffected individuals are even more at risk of getting drugs themselves.

Environment: Children experiencing alcohol or drugs are more likely to view metabolism or certain behaviors as acceptable and make them more likely to engage in addiction. Individuals from countries where the use of a particular substance or involvement in addictive behavior is demolished or difficult to show a much lower frequency of addiction and suggests potential environmental factors.

Abuse: Individuals who have experienced sexual, psychological, emotional or physical violence are more likely to become addicts. Addiction will be a delivery system, which helps the addict to deal with strong negative feelings about abuse, feelings of seriously low self-esteem and potential flashbacks.

Emotional disorders: Emotional diseases such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or post-stress stress disorders often increase the risk of alcohol abuse and addictive behavior, especially among those who are undefined or impossible. Individuals often use drugs, alcohol, food, exercise or work as a way to lift themselves and escape the symptoms of their primary disorder.

Content: Certain substances are more addictive than others and the risk of perfect drugs is greater for drugs such as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine because of their ability to create dependence after just a few uses.

Low resentment: One common factor found among addicts of all types is low frustration. Addicts are very sensitive to the negative effects of stress, which often experience the need for a reliably low level of resentment. They become easily upset by daily risk factors, creating a need for jailbreak. They find this escape in their addiction.

These are all supporting factors for why addiction occurs. Overall, there is no absolute solution when resolving the causes of addiction. Today there are many options available for alcohol or drug use that will stop and stop risking.


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