Cancel the negative cycle of apology and addiction

I've heard people say they abuse alcohol and drugs to "steal pain." Indeed, many of these same individuals say that almost everyone they know needs to "relieve pain" somehow. Question: Does not all of us suffer from pain? We must stop completing the perfect, we need to stop our "paralysis by diagnosis", stop looking for "the secret to life", acknowledge that we are all in a kind of pain and start developing healthy, adequate and creative actions, attitudes and habits.

Thoughts of Life and Discontent

There are many disappointments and dissatisfaction in life. Some deal with this dissatisfaction by gravitating toward fast fasting, easy way out and toward low resistance while others face their challenges by refusing to give in, focusing on positive and creative goals and with to roll up your sleeves and get to work to do something productive and adequate.

Ordinary, good and bad, and drugs seem to have reluctance or own life. This is the case, if a positive momentum is realized, people need to take care of healthy and useful habits rather than looking for shortcuts and giving harmful drugs.

Harmful vs. Healthy activity

The vast majority of people are smart enough to know what's harmful and what's useful in their lives. People need to surround themselves with good things (healthy eating habits, proper sleep, interacting with positive friends and relatives, sharing useful things for others, expressing gratitude for what they have) and starting to eliminate actions and behaviors they know are negative to check. 2 or 3:00 at night work, spend money to fund alcoholism or drug abuse, surround themselves with people of dubious nature, eat mostly junk food, focusing on parties rather than self-esteem, etc.).

Positive Perseverance and Meaning

A healthy or positive routine begins with one operation. People need to take this first step so that they can understand how positive behaviors and thoughts feed on one another. It's important for people to calm their thoughts and honestly ask themselves what they can do to make their lives more adequate and happier. When defined positively, it is necessary to develop a plan of action, implement it and argue. Obstacles and difficulties will happen. However, when they do, people need to cope with and overcome their problems rather than making excuses and giving up their weaknesses and bugs.

In many cases, one who is ready to get an interest and do something positive for someone or herself, all that is needed to cut in and change a negative cycle. Of course, helping oneself helps others and helps others help people to take their own problems and often lead to another positive point of view. Not only this, but also helps others often make it possible for a person to discover a more healthy and good role about him than he ever has for himself. When this happens, one should not be surprised if he finds more meaning and joy in his life than he has previously experienced.


Here's the moral story: happiness and meaning. The result is not addiction and weakness but by overcoming one of the disadvantages and bad habits and dividing them with healthy and life-threatening actions, beliefs and habits.

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