Can women become addicted to semen like drugs?

Can women become addicted to sperm, as if it were some kind of drug? Incredible scientific research says, "yes."

This can cause eyebrows among women, but scientific results show this to be the case. They are not sure exactly why (chemically), but women can become trusted in human sperm.

The semen must be introduced carefully and specifically. Orally, it seems to have no effect, probably because the sperm content is broken down and normal from stomach acids. Chemical matter materials are useless in this method.

What scientists have found, is when a woman has sex with a man; and the man sows into her, that the sperm, if not washed immediately, is absorbed by the vagina of the vagina and enters the bloodstream. When the semen has been absorbed, it has come to light not only to relieve anxiety and depression in women but also to the pain, discomfort and cramps that occur during the menstrual cycle.

It was found that after a long period of vagina's vagina during sex, the woman will get used to the positive effects of the semen. If the semen is suddenly discontinued from being inserted into the vagina, the woman will reconnect a related urinary tract and increased anxiety and depression. She will then have "sperm concentrate" and become angry, allergic and annoying.

Biologically, it has logic by its nature of influence. Although you make a continuous sperm, day by day and night after night, a woman escapes only eggs once a month for fertilization. Thus, the biological reason for "sex" as a form of creating children is considered to be lowered, because a woman is only fertile for a short period of time. However, there is an additional "pleasure" side of sexual acts that makes sex, at any rate, pleasing to both the man and the woman. This is one of the incentives that helps keep couples together, because sex is not just a creation, but it is also a funeral use.

This is the fact that having sex for fun use, regardless of creative purpose, allows husband and wife to engage in sexual activity on a more frequent basis for a fee of pleasure. Could it be a chemically related biological idea that you will then spice a woman in a more frequent way?

Who knows, really. Nature is quite complicated and we really do not know much about how she works.

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