Assurance and stress management

Self-esteem and flow management go together – big time. This is especially true when we want to seek approval from others. The truth is that we can be our own source of consent.

Have you noticed that stress-free people are often the highest self-esteem. They have a quiet self-esteem that is independent of external circumstances. They do not have to have other people like them.

Stress management seems to come naturally as part of their lifestyle. Confidence is not very much a concern. The strange thing is that many admire and like them.

As we progress, there is less need to manage other and external situations. We have a sense of calm and trust. There is no need to impress anything. Stress management will be effortless.

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This is so simple that you do not believe it! And it's so simple that you may have to remind yourself often of doing so.

Do you really believe you need the consent of others? Are you merciful to others? Need to resemble you?

Well, here's a big secret. You can give your consent. The beauty is that you control how you feel. And it works very, very well.

A few years ago I met a fellow who always had his approval for three hours each day. He is one of the safest, most peaceful and powerful people I've met.

This has a cumulative effect. As you use this stress management technique more you keep on feeling better. Your self-esteem will continue to rise and rise.

You can start giving your consent by saying words or praising yourself. Sometimes you can do this just by doing it with emotions. Do you think you're a great person? Feel you are qualified. Feel that you are wonderful.

This is not the same as bragging to others about how much you are. You can do this quietly for yourself. Others will intervene without breaking them.

This may be so good that you could give your consent on a regular basis.

Copyright 2006 by Jim Kitzmiller


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