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We have all had those days where everything seems overwhelming. Maybe you've lost your work, or your relationships are over, or maybe nothing special has happened, but you're still dissatisfied and bad about yourself. If you've ever experienced this feeling, you know it without correcting your feelings, feeling is often worse, reaching days or even weeks. In those days, the small-scale self-determination training can go a long way to get you out of your current situation and even prevent future problems.

The most important thing to realize is that it's important to stop negative thoughts as they appear. When you let your brain get through a negative thought, just keep moving and injecting out of control. I like to call it, "down the spiral" and it can really make a number of your confidence. If you've ever experienced this, you know what I am talking about, and you also know that it's much harder to stop negativity further down the spiral you go. So, the first step is to get the mind out of what it is that interferes with you and get it clear again.

Step 1: Stop Thinking – Stop what you are doing and find something that completely bother your mind … because I do not mean not ending your mind, but participating in your mind devices. Do something that takes extremely forcus. In the first seconds you might get a little trouble, but if you allow yourself to focus on the project in front of you for a minute, you must realize that other thoughts have left you and that you have tapped out the storm thoughts. Different things work for different people. I've found that playing Soduko or Minesweep is something that works very well for me because I can not play and play the game and worry at the same time. All my focus needs to be playing. I do not sit down and do it for a long time. Usually less than 10 minutes.

Step 2: Make Some Time to Do What You Like – Once you've set up your mind, the next step is to spend a little while doing something you like . Now an important part … there must be something that will lead your passion alive. I do not mean something you just like, I mean something you love. Something you're safe with; Something that helps you overcome your low self esteem. For me, that song. I live when I sing, and no matter how I feel, it only takes me a few minutes to begin to feel inspired.

Step 3: Do a tiny task you've seen on – This does not have to be anything major, but it will make you confident about your ability to handle it in your life. If you've ever done this, you'll know how well it can affect you when you've achieved what you've set up. Word of Warning …. This task should not be the biggest task you have been overwhelming for a few months. Get started on something small. If you start something too big then it will be too much resistance. You need to continue to claim that you are stronger. I usually choose things like planning a cabinet or cleaning the car. (As you can see, I do not like to clear!)

Step 4: Have fun – This is the best part of the whole process and something you can look forward to while you & # 39; repeat the above steps. This is the part where you hurt yourself as if you only won the peacekeepers of Nobel. Yes, maybe what the task you did was little, but if you improved your confidence and feel better than you did before, what you have achieved is high. So welcome! My festival usually includes food, but it's just me, you can do whatever you like.

I will introduce some suggestions for things you can do for each of these steps, but I want you to keep in mind that the best way to find what works for you is experiment. None of the suggestions I always read in books really worked for me like they did for the author and that's because it was personal to them, so be sure to get to know yourself in this process.

For Step 1:

  • Play a game that involves concentration
  • Read the 2 minute murder mystery and try to solve it.
  • Make a math problem
  • Make a puzzle

For step 2:

  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Write
  • Paint
  • Play sport
  • Climbing tree

… the list is really endless in this category and should be very personal.

Step 3:

  • Clean Room
  • Wash Your Car
  • Balance on the Checkbook
  • Call the Phone You Have Been Disabling

To Step 4:

  • Go out with a friend
  • Enjoy a nice meal
  • Go to a movie or watch one world
  • Relax in a bubble bath [19659010] Relax on the beach or river

Like and you see, the majority of these are fun and easy. Although simple and even common sense, you will be surprised at how much this can contribute to positive self-esteem. I think you're using it over and over when you try it. It is a key factor in the self-confidence you have been looking for.

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