Art and science creative self-esteem

We live in the universe of law and order – which implies personal expression and success. In order to express yourself about a higher level of your potential in any area of ​​your life, it is necessary to know the underlying law, principal or formula. Once you know the formula, you can fix it to some creative goal still in your lists, business, relationships, work, interests, etc. The formula is a comprehensive template that you can just fill in blanks.

The formula consists of three integrated objects: (1) you, personality that does everything that expresses you, (2) you, the creator from which the object is to come from, and (3) the production or the expression itself. Each part needs to function appropriately for the formula to work.

See how each component works – or is supposed to work. First, personality. Your personality is your medium or expression. Or as a pro actor it is – your device. It is the vehicle that receives an impression or idea from the inside and communicates it outward. Now this vehicle is not and can not have any ideas on its own. There is nothing but a currency exchange from the mind of the mind and body. It has no self. No intelligence or power of your own. It is, as it were, completely unselfish. All it has is its own way of expressing itself. And even he is not doing that everyone is different. You can not but be different no matter how difficult you do not try to be.

That's what Zen means when it says you're "nothing". That means you're nothing but a medium. Now that you keep voluntary media and nothing else – your expression will have beauty, intelligence, power and originality. The way to be a good medium or instrument is to be silent, responsive and open. Only then your device is played. Again, the device is not a creator; It's the thing that's played – like a violin. And that's just because the fiddle does not have the ability to play it at all.

The second part is you, creator. This part of you is an inner, subconscious source of all foreigners. This is a higher self or higher power, Muse or your God, etc. – Call what you want. It's the musician or player of your personal fitness device. You, the medium, wait and listen to patience and stillness until you get inspired from this subconscious mind. "Inspiration" means that now, with your personality, you want to say something, write something, play something, do something – comment. Then you obey the letter to the best of your ability. How well you are perfectly translating or reflecting this idea or inspiration in physical reality will depend on how much you can put your own "personal" will in the matter and maintain infinite neutrality.

The third part of the formula is the output or conclusion. It is said or created – the words, the music, the product, etc. You can not know or control what happens in advance because remember, your personality is just a medium and has nothing to say about it. If you try to have "personal" say, try adjusting the result, refresh the formula, and get disappointed. This is the definition and method of release and is necessary to enhance creative expression.

The words, the music or the action will come out as it appears. It is automatic and must be. Were you acquainted with income in advance, it would not be "creative". It would be predictable – not special or unique. It would lack a happy surprise and the power of originality. (The only way to control and predict output is to repeat what has been previously done. For example, play music that someone else wrote, or copy a product or work from someone who invented, etc.).

The first part of the formula – Being a receptive and idle device, is the only thing you can control. And this will not be easy because personally, self-esteem itself sticks to the wrong, harmful idea that it's alone to run the show. So correcting this wrong knowledge is where most of your needs need to focus.


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