Are you withstand the pressure or are you stressed out?

People often ask, "What is the difference between pressure and stress?" Although two words are often used alternately, there is really a significant difference. Understanding the difference can mean the difference between performing in our best under pressure or not.

Pressure measurement curve

Pressure rate curve helps to highlight the difference between pressure and stress.


The term "pressure" means pushing. All thoughts, circumstances, expectations and requirements push us as we go by day. The demands can come from others (workload, work, performance goals, etc. ) Or they may be the requirements we apply ( I have to … I have to … I have to … ).

As long as we perceive that we we have all the internal and external resources we need to meet the demand, we are experiencing pressure. However, not all the demands we face as pressure times / conditions.

True pressure instant / state is one that shares These three common features:

1. Manufacturing is important to us

2. Revenue is uncertain

3. We believe we are responsible for and will be judged by the findings

The more important is Our pipeline for us, the more uncertain revenue, and the greater the responsibility we believe in the results (and what we feel more condemned), the more difficult the pressure we experience.

Pressure is an energy source and motivation, which brings us to action. We need to be feeling in order to perform our talents. During the Compression Testing Cycle, this is represented by the preferred performance area where we are energy sources, in focus and in flow.

The Place of Delivery

When we came to the point where we no longer believe we have enough resources to cope with all the demands we face, the pressure becomes too big and we'll pass & # 39; Tipping Point & # 39; on the Compression Testing Process and enter the orange & quot; Strains Zone & # 39; . What was previously considered a challenge will now be a threat, and our stress response is active and we begin to experience stress.


Stress is a cocktail of the (physiological, psychological and emotional) symptoms we experience when we think we can cope with the cumulative pressure we are under pressure.

Without reducing the pressure we turn, we will continue to go right along the stress testing process. Our strength will continue to build until we enter the red crisis station . Once in the Crisis Zone our performance is rapidly evolving and we deal with problem solving, decision-making, lateral education and creative thinking. The Crisis Area is the problem we continue to build and, unless we take measures, will eventually be prolonged.

Is the maximum pressure?

There are peculiar individual analyzes as which constituents the most preferred pressure – represented by the filling point of the compression testing process. What is the ideal pressure for one person can be too much for others.

Air traffic controllers, surgeons, police officers and All Blacks all need to perform regularly under what most would perceive to be generous pressures. Those who can, and do, perform consistently well and seem relatively less affected by this pressure have developed higher "pressure limits" and perform effective pressure management and risk-taking techniques / technologies.


Understanding the difference between pressure and stress allows us to choose the right technology / technology at the right time to help us achieve the best results in Stretch Zone or to reduce overall stress step once we've passed our personal tip.


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