Alcohol and Stirens Do not mix

The working day is finally over. You have a splitting headache from dealing with customers and setting up other partners bad habits. You decide that drinking will solve you.

What you do not realize is that "drinking" will increase and you will soon end up spending all the money you made that night.

It was just a year ago that I worked in service industries. It's not my colleagues who do not care about people, it's just a stable crunch if you make it one. Our normal response at the end of the night was to go out and "turn off steam."

But what I learned over time was that we were not really dealing with stress, we were only ignoring it.

When the morning had come, our wallet and common sense had taken a serious blow. Surely we had a good time to forget about our stress the night before we went back where we started another shift.

It's a fierce cycle. If it sounds like your current condition, consider getting out. It can change who you are as a person if you drop the service company. Lucky for me, I was able to get an internship that forced me to find a new "way" to cope with my stress.

I was fortunate to get out of an industry that I had no plans to become part of. It was only when I was outside, I read about the negative effects of drinking to relieve stress, away from the obvious.

Cortisol (stress hormone) is appropriately discharged through the body when it consumes high levels of alcohol. I would continue to learn that cortisol has a detrimental effect on the body, including reducing metabolism and packing of extra pounds.

In addition, the careers can cause the person concerned to become lazy and become even less motivated in their actions.

So I tried to hurt myself a lot more than financially as I did some noticeable weight. But finally and especially with continuing education; I've learned that stress need never ceases, your same profession. Stress is more thoughtful now, like the people who pull me off or upset. The reason is that I can not control them, similar to stress. I can only control how to manage it and decide how I made it affect me.


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