Alcohol alcohol – slow death awaits

Long-term bad habits that have always come down the worst is now having a smart day with modern society and it's a disease called alcoholism. We seem to suffer much more in today's competitive society and for those who just can not continue, it's just too easy to fall in alcohol.

More and more people are fleeing from these modern demands and pressure many times at the bottom of the bottle without realizing that this will only worsen the problems they experience in their social life or workplace. Alcohol of nature acts as depression, which means the more you drink, the more desperate and unhappy you will feel. Thus, a cruel cycle begins.

This terrible success of events will only cause someone to add alcohol and suddenly they have a new problem that will be very difficult to solve. Suddenly, instead of solving one problem through communication, we now have a problem that will seriously affect our health and it will eventually kill us if an action is not taken.

People sometimes do not stop thinking exactly what they are doing when they drink alcohol. First of all, alcohol will enter the esophagus and go into the stomach, as it is then absorbed into the bloodstream. It will end up in a liver that's breaking up into different subjects.

These materials are then converted into water and carbon dioxide separated. Although this process sounds simple, it's very complicated as these actions are performed by your liver right away. So when you drink more alcohol than your liver can prevent, there's no way your liver can go on and your blood alcohol increases.


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