Addictive Behavior – The Root Cause

Root Cause of Addiction

"If you have bad news, you want to kick the blues … cocaine." This line after JJ Cale expresses the feelings and actions of many Americans today, but the word cocaine can be divided by words of pot or alcohol or food or sex or gambling or many other constraints. In fact, all these things are common in common; In addition, they can all have symptoms of having grown up in interference.

Problems in nursing homes are usually present in one or more of three ways. Physical Violence may include slaughter and being too heavy, shaken or kissed. Sexual Violence may be hidden, such as unlawful teaching, or obvious, which may involve anything from rape to rape. Embarrassing abuse is usually seen as a result of parental alcohol abuse and alcohol abuse, but it may also include yelling, counseling, criticism, neglect and even in some cases strictly upbringing as may be the case in credible and manager of family units. Emotional violence can be present without physical or sexual abuse, but physical and / or sexual abuse is always emotional abuse.

The impact of children on these types of situations and deep dark secrets gathered can be buried out of memory and understanding that despair these individuals to life. As a consequence, adult children with heart rhythm disorders (more common as ACA for adult children of alcoholics) adults with severe pain of deep pain suffer from severe loss of self esteem and may fall into state denial of what is now known to be a disease in the world of escapisms by using and / or misusing whatever it is the proper drug of those that occur.

They try to escape pain that no words can be adequately described. Susan, 51, says a story about when she was 8 years old and had to lock her own father out of the house. Her mother had thrown him out of the house to drink him and he lived in 12 yards of a trailer in the yard. He came to the door and wanted to be a soda. He was not drunk at that time. But Susan was alone in the house and her mother was unclear when Susan called her to work and told Susan not to let him in. She remembers climbing the sink and pulling the eruption out of the kitchen window to her father. Remember she was eight years old. These types of grandchildren add up and can cause such torment that victims want only one thing – to die those feelings and memories. How they choose to achieve these variants with their own drug they want.

Choosing the drug can be a obsessive / addictive behavior that causes these individuals to not get their pain temporarily. John Bradshaw, Counselor, Lecturer and Author The healing of the shame that binds you, and Bradshaw on the family stated this as follows: "Compulsive / addictive behavior is a bad connection to any creative change that have life-threatening consequences. "This is not to be addictive behavior to be completely tied to drugs and alcohol. Pete Rose, one of the best and most passionate players of the baseball of time, was kicked out of baseball for gambling. Obviously, his gambling had life-threatening consequences; They only cost him one love in life!

There are of course other "socially acceptable" addiction such as eating and cigarette smoking, which not only involves life-threatening consequences (such as advancing others), but more importantly, this addiction can make life- threatening ] complete in the form of heart disease, pulmonary disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. Sometimes excess behavior can probably damage and even destroy life, but many victims allow the disease to develop, untreated, because it is deep down that they suffer from nuclei and believe they do not understand better.

It is difficult to determine the severity of the most common causes of obsessive / addictive behavior but the lack of self-esteem caused by the lack of environmental disturbance as one of the main causes of such compulsive behavior.

Lack of self-confidence allows people to complete incredible amounts of abuse, whether it's self-infliction or in the hands of others. Because victims feel they are worthless and do not want to think about their lives, they are willing to abuse their bodies with food, drugs or alcohol or by allowing themselves to be emotionally and / or physically beaten and injured. Many of them eventually end up in a cycle as they become themselves abusers. They simply hate so much that they take it out to children, animals and the people they love the most. Because serious cases became violent against society.

Some people who have grown up in highly abusive and / or abusive homes are so much angry that they just blast like seen daily on the television screen, the internet and newspaper pages nationwide. It is very easy to say that Eric Harris and Deren Kleebold were influenced by Marilyn Manson and computer games because they both had two parents and drove BMW. But nobody knows what goes behind the walls of a house except the people who live in that house. For a long time in this country, obsession with "family loved ones" has denied any hope of looking at parents in cases like Columbine and Virginia Tech. It's time to start asking the question at least.

Irrespective of these seriousness, each of these victims lives in their own private hell and until people who come from interference are able to admit that their problems are caused by harmful genetic diseases, they will be able to remove them from the mental where they are stuck.

The inability to acknowledge that problems exist are called denial. If people do not know what's wrong, they can not fix it. For example, if a man who had never driven a well-running, well-liked car, had a car that knocked and hit, the person would not know that the knock and click were not quite normal. He or she may know that the car is not very good, but it works and with respect to this person, everyone has to deal with a constant car accident because it's like cars.

Similarly, ACAs believe in denial that their reality is the way life is thought to be. They see nothing unusual about spending their days high or getting hit and scream because it's all they have ever known. It was what life was like a model, in their home raised and as a child that was their whole world … so in their eyes was the whole world in the world. As adults, this attitude system is so deeply infected that it becomes their reality. Consequently, they do not understand that their symptoms of drug abuse, alcoholism, obsessive eating, forcing, compulsive spending, forcing actions, but mentioning a few, are problems that affect their lives and need to be addressed. Unfortunately, some can spend their entire lives in denial.

The consequence of their upbringing is that ACA is facing cardiac disease, a scandalous view of oneself as human beings and the obstacle to overcoming problems that they do not even acknowledge. Problems of forcing / addictive behavior go much deeper than many people realize or are willing to accept. Until the community as a whole is facing the causes of constraints / addictions, rather than punishing the affected individuals, and until the community begins to provide low cost, good mental health care that addresses this problem, it is continuing to be difficult for individuals to search, and acknowledge that they need help. But people are becoming more familiar and attitudes are changing for the better. Hopefully, over time, and want to learn, this knowledge of causes and effects will help those millions who affect the symptoms of this disease and those who love them.


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