Addiction – Work

We all feel like someone is a workforce. The truth is being a workaholic is not kidding and is very serious addiction. Addiction in the workplace, but still something that affects people with addictive personality, has different underlying causes than typical addiction. Therefore, drugs are not taken as seriously as other addiction, leading to fewer support groups and treatment.

The person who is added to work can be for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is bored and sometimes reduces depression and anxiety. These people feel their minds are in constant turmoil. The idea of ​​just sitting and watching TV or listening to the radio does not even happen to these people. They have no real interests other than the work they do. Being away from that pain, no matter how stressful it may be, is to be fish from water. The only time they feel like they are when they are working, especially if they have authority authorities where people look at them. This is very common among professionals and the reason why many people find it difficult to retire. Suddenly, the fanfare is gone. They are no longer special. They no longer feel important. That's why we have professional athletes who play well over the years as they are still productive.

For the factory manager, but the opinion is certainly not the same, it's the feeling your employees are looking for, especially if you're a peculiar good manager. The time at work is special because of this and it is because you put in double shifts or work sheets; everything to be at work.

It is said that many of these people literally work in the grave. This is really true because these are kind of characters that are very hard to retire and unless they need to retire we will continue to work right until their very last breath.

But there is another type of addiction that is probably even more sad. These are people who work constantly because they are afraid they will lose their jobs and be poor. Most of these people probably had hard children and came from poor families. They know what it was to be poor and the last thing they want is to go back there. But then they grow up in rich families, and possibly they were told by rich people that they had to do it on their own. These people are lost that they will not be able to do that and because of these fears, work around the clock to make sure they are successful. Many of these people were very successful, but they always fear that they will wake up one day and everything will be gone.

Unfortunately, there is little help for the workforce. The community looks at them like go getter and well. We, not like society, view it as a problem. But there is a problem, one that will continue to grow as it becomes harder for people to pay their bills by the end of the month.


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