Addiction – Why are you an addict and can you learn to live addiction free?

Cheryl has an unclean secret. Her husband is not aware that she has accumulated millions of dollars in debt for obsessive gambling online.

Luke does not seem to stop watching porn. Not a unique video now and then; but for more than 4 hours each day.

Kate had taken a drink as a way to relieve her stress after a nervous day in the office. But now she can not sleep without first downing 6 bottles.

Serge needs to get a cocaine to keep him through the day. He's drowsiness and lifeless without ….

Addiction – whether it's drug, internet, food, work, gambling – is plaguing millions of people today. It can be defined as overly physical and / or psychologically dependent on something.

People with addiction do not control what they are doing, taking or using. Initially, it has been possible to take pleasure, relief or contentment or activity. But for a while, it's necessary to continue to participate in the content or activity to become normal.

Addiction must not refer only to the physical substances we consume but may even contain abstract activities such as gambling or shopping. In this context, addiction can be classified as chemical freedom and behavioral dependence.

Drugs (physical addiction) is when an individual is added to a particular subject, he develops resistance to the substance (requires increased amount to experience effects). He detects withdrawal symptoms when use is reduced or discontinued. Some common addictive drugs are:

a) Opiates (heroin, morphine, codium, opium) are highly addictive and are usually consumed by injecting the drug into the circulation, smoking or snoring. These drugs are used as painkillers, and create an euphoric and very relaxed mentality.

b) Prescription Drugs (percocet, hydrocodone, oxycontin, vicodin, etc.) This list may resume. If your pill or medicine is available more than likely, someone has taken it!

c) Methamphetamine or speed! This medicine has destroyed innumerable lives and is usually injected, smoked or touched. Very highly addictive and can lead to death in just a few years.

d) Kókaín (cracking cocaine) Coming from the leaf of the coconut plant. Very addictive, and very expensive, much has been put to fate on this medicine.

e) Alcohol Alcohol in his various images, but legal, is also highly addictive and is possibly the most abusive drug out there.

f) Tobacco Tobacco products are again legal, but addictive and widely used worldwide.

Behavioral addiction (or psychological addiction) does not count on the consumption of any substances. It happens when someone repeatedly engages in activities as it negatively affects their lives. And they can not stop participating in the activity. Behavioral addiction can adversely affect health, finance and personal relationships. The most popular types of behavioral addiction are:

a) Gambling Those who suffer from these do not control whether they want to play or not. They can not stop gambling because of negative consequences or desire to quit. They get a lot of experience and will continue to do it to get the same feeling over and over again, although losses continue to accumulate.

b) Pornography When pornography focuses on one's life so much that they spend time and time at a time, think or view porn then they are engaged in porn addiction. Pregnancy addiction is more than viewing erotic content for personal pleasure. Their obsession with porn influences reality.

c) Verslafíkn For commercial addicts, there is a desire to do not delete control. They think they need to buy things they do not need or want. They use shopping as a way to deal with anxiety or stress. It can lead to a serious financial financial if it is not controlled.

d) Exercise addiction Drugs are over with movement. Their extreme party in motion is more than needed to fit or train for a particular sport.

d) Sexuality Sexuals use sex as a delivery system to deal with one's stress, escape from negative emotions or hurry. They do not use sex to relate closely to their partner. Their sexual activity tends to adversely affect their lives.

e) Video game addiction Video games addicts are more involved in playing than with their actual lives. Playing becomes more important for them than work or school and their personal relationship.

f) Work Abuse Focusing on drugs, and he can not stop thinking or obsessive about work. Working addiction can put a lot of stress on the mental and physical health of the individual and also on his personal relationships.

If you feel yourself, either physically or psychologically, you are not alone and you can kick & # 39; habits no matter what your addiction is. Do not give up, find programs that give you special addiction and get rid of it.


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