Addiction – Tobacco

Although it's not as good addiction, it's probably one of the worst addicts that people need to tobacco.

Tobacco is a slightly different addiction compared to addiction like gambling and sex, which adds almost to an addictive personality. Tobacco is a little different because the substance itself is addictive.

Most people who smoke, especially if they live in the harsh neighborhood, do it because it's a cool thing to do. Peer pressure is terrible in this world, especially if you are a teenager. The last thing you want is to have your peers, listen to you, call a chicken or any kind of daily abuse they rip out when you tell them no thanks for the cigarette they throw you. So you can not forget about the oblivion, take the cigarette and take your first blow.

Unfortunately, the hacking that accompanies it is your body telling you it does not want to smoke in the lungs, ignored by the teenager. The sky forbade that he should laugh at being sissy.

It takes time, but eventually the body looks like smoking. Cough is not as serious and all but stops. Pretty soon, the teenager is able to smoke a whole cigarette without anyone saying that the cigarette itself is causing him harm.

It is at this point that smoking is becoming addictive, not because of the smoke itself, but because of its substance called nicotine. Nicotine is a drug, and like other drugs, if taken long enough, the body begins to crave. Suddenly, the man finds that if he does not have a cigarette he starts to be nervous. Now it's not just a matter of getting smoke to impress their friends but to satisfy the desire that will not go away.

For some people, this addiction can get so bad that they become what is called a chain of smokers. These are people who always need a cigarette. These chain operators can go through four or five packets of cigarettes a day easily.

There is no need to harm this type of smoke to the body. In the years since cigarettes peaked their popularity, they have been investigated enough to prove that smoking causes cancer, respiratory diseases and heart problems. In theory kills smoking. Further evidence that smoking is definitely addiction, as even with this knowledge of what cigarette smoking can do to you, these people feel almost impossible to quit.

There have been many ways to try to deal with this terrible addiction, including patches, rubber and of course smoke anonymous. While some people are successful in quitting smoking, many people are never able to give up completely.

Unfortunately, the best way to stop never starts in the first place.


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