Addiction – Television

Tvíkrams are reliable new types, especially since the TV itself has only been around 50 years close to as long as alcohol, tobacco and drugs. But do not make mistakes, television addiction is quite real and most people do not even know they are addicted to it.

The television differs from most other drugs because it is mainly due to something that is missing in man's life rather than addictive personality.

The sad truth is, many people have what most of us think is empty life. They get up, go to work, come home and go to sleep. Maybe weekends are a bit different because they could drive, shop or even participate in movies. But the truth is, many people's lives are quite routine and quite boring. When they walk through the door at 18:00, or when they come from the office, it's the first thing they turn on the television. This is especially true if you live alone. But the reason for that can be a surprise.

You can not wait to watch their favorite program, as TVs do not have favorite apps, they can not stand silent silence. Walk into an empty house or flat and hear nothing, it's only possible to drive the TV maker mad. So it's the first thing that's on TV, if it's nothing but killing the silence. That's how television programs usually start. But that's not how it ends.

The Narcotics Committee begins to look forward to every hour as it may be a show of what he or she enjoys. Two shows at the same time? No problem with digital cable and TIVO since you can pick up a few items at a time and watch them later. With all the different pictures or entertainment on the tube, a TV can spend hours for a while watching without even sweating.

Actual problems begin when the television tries to turn off the tube to go to sleep. They can not. There is always one to watch. There is always one stupid ad to laugh at. And nowadays, by cable, a television server goes all night, as opposed to the old days, when the stations went off after a certain hour with their long forgotten "This is the end of the radio station's radio station" that you & # 39; D must be at least in the 40s to remember. Today the TV is 24/7.

Unfortunately, television screens spend almost all of their time in front of the tube, but when they need to work, make purchases or anything else that will take them from their addiction. And if you think these people are not very addicted, just try to take their TV away from them today. It's not a beautiful perspective.

Television addiction is serious. Unfortunately, there is very little help for the addict since it is not really considered a serious problem by professionals in general.

At least not yet.


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